18. The ability to distinguish between important and unimportant things: Sure there are situations where tiny details can be of an immense importance, such as mountain climbing, where the slightest inattention can have fatal consequences. Usually, however, it is important in life, to direct the focus on the whole of a thing. Success-oriented people possess the ability to differentiate between important and unimportant things in life, and focus on what actually brings them nearer to their goals.

19. The strength to develop a reasonable level of self-confidence and belief in their own abilities: The human self-esteem is sometimes strongly affected by bitter setbacks in everyday life. Self-doubt are the inevitable consequences that often are disproportionately large with a lack of confidence. But also to a strong sense of self-confidence can be harmful: it leads to overconfidence and inevitably to disappointment. Success-oriented people know their qualities and believe in their abilities, without losing the right amount of self-assessment.

20. The ability to practice a balanced analytic, creative and practical thinking: Different situations in life require different thinking to managing the challenges: Sometimes analytically embossed thinking of advantage, other times a creative approach is necessary, as a practical course of action for some aspects is the best. People with success orientation not only possess all three thinking skills, they know beyond the situation in which the right kind of thinking is required. As a result, they are able to better meet requirements.

Now you have got the 20 Success Criteria, and can choose which skills you have already have developed and which skills you have to work on.
For the missing abilities you should check your belief system. As long as you have beliefs like:
- I can never earn enough.
- Success is not for me.
- I'm not smart.
- Money grows on trees.
- Rich people must be cheating and that is what I would not do.
- I always have to do everything alone.
- I'm just a poor me.
- Do not like it anyway.


Do write a list of all of your beliefs and then characterizing those which you do want to change first.
Do the above sentences sound familiar? If the "poor You" takes responsibility for your life and finally gets active, the world will look very different.

Your belief system hold you back. Do what you have always wanted to do, you might also have to change your thoughts. However, most people do not dare to leave their comfort zone. Because here they feel safe. However, there is no security in any part of life. Security comes from within!
Allow yourself to change, because you never know what happens in an hour or tomorrow. But every second you can encourage yourself that you manage to leave your comfort zone. Take small steps and never be discouraged. Do not be afraid to fail. The more mistakes you make, the faster you learn to be successful. Failure helps you to become stronger if you do not give up.

Author's Bio: 

Angela is a success and business coach and loves to empower people. She is working with people living on dole and empowers them to return to normal life.