The primary thing I like about teaching is what I learn in the process. I am teaching a webinar that I call Success Essentials. Have you ever considered what is absolutely essential for success?

Most people have never really thought about it. In the webinar, I start with the definition of success – the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. If you don’t have a definite aim, you have no way of knowing when you have reached it.

Success starts with an aim or purpose, a goal. Do you have a goal?

Most people don’t. Most people are drifting along on the ocean of life. They are carried this way or that way depending on the current.

What they fail to realize is that the currents are caused by people with goals. The unaware get sucked into the goal setting/goal achieving streams of others. Often people get caught in a current and swim with it. They think they made the decision to “go with the flow”. When they arrive at the destination, they are often disappointed. It was a goal that was not meaningful for them.

Which brings us back to soul. That is the essence of you. Your soul can take control of your life OR it can allow life to happen.

In the beginning, you were physical. You learned to control your body. In this stage, you were your body. You did not realize that you had a mind.

Next stage was mental, you learned that you have a mind - ego. In this stage, you are your ego - your mind/thoughts. You realize that you have a body and you are not it. You believe you are the ego. The ego believes that it controls the body. It is unaware of the soul.

The next stage is soul control. In this stage, you realize that you are not the ego. You can control your mind/thoughts. Soul is programmer/operator of the brain. You are soul. As soul, you are closest to your Creator. You control the ego.

You, as soul, take control of your ego and create your life. You can delete the neural programs that were put in place during your less developed stages. You can re-write/correct them. You can also put new programs in place.

I watched a motivational video this morning. It was great. The speaker gave example after example of people who overcame overwhelming difficulties in life. The message was – you can too.

I am not a motivational speaker. I am a teacher. I teach how to take control of your mind. Successful people have learned to control their minds. You can too. If that is a goal for you, I can help. Soul control is the start.

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