It is not uncommon for someone to have the desire to achieve things and to move forward in life. This could mean that they have already been able to achieve a certain level of success, or they might just be starting out.

If they are only just taking the first step in this direction, it could be a sign that they are at the beginning of their life. Or, this could show that they have experienced an internal shift, and it is then not going to be possible for them to carry on living in the same way.

A New Start

Perhaps one had had enough of simply going through the motions in life, and not living a life that was fulfilling. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they haven’t ever achieved something.

What it could show is that this is something that they have rarely experienced, or that that it has been a while since they achieved something worthwhile. It could then be important for them to have these experiences on regular basis.


But if one is in this position, it might not have been hard for them to find people to give them the motivation that they needed to change their circumstances. They may have come across these kinds of people at work, or they might have gone online.

As they live in what has been described as the ‘information age’, it wouldn’t have difficult for them to find information online. There would been thousands of articles and videos to give them the push they needed.

Even Closer

If they have people around them who are highly motivated, this might make it easier for them to stay on track. Just being in their presence could cause them think about what they are going to do next.

There will then be no reason for them to tell them what they have done or to give them advice, as this won’t be needed. Yet, if they were to do this, one may be only too happy to hear about what they have to say.


And regardless of whether one is just starting out or is already successful, it might not be hard for them to receive positive feedback from others. When it comes to the former, one could be seen as doing the right thing.

They are not going to be sitting around and wasting their life; they will be grabbing it by the horns, so to speak. When it comes to the latter, other people could see them as being an example to follow.

One Purpose

What this comes down to is that success is something that most people want to experience, and so it is to be expected that one would receive these kinds of responses from others. In fact, a lot of people could believe that the purpose of life is to be successful.

Even so, it would be inaccurate to say that everyone will be supportive towards them, as there are going to be plenty of people who try to bring them down. This could show that they are jealous of what one has achieved.

A Waste

One way of looking at this would be to say that they are using their energy in a destructive manner, and this is because they could be using this energy to move forward. Instead, they are wasting their energy by getting angry at people who have achieved what they want to achieve.

There is a strong chance that these people would be in the same position as them if they behaved in the same way. If one was to allow themselves to be inspired by these people, their life would be far more fulfilling.

Another Experience

However, even if one isn’t seen as being successful, it doesn’t mean that they have been sitting around. It could mean that they are just starting out, but this might not be the case either.

Yet, when it comes to someone like this, it can be normal for other people to come to the conclusion that they haven’t done anything. They could then look down on them, and end up believing that they are in a superior position.

A Closer Look

What it can mean is that they have spent a lot of time overcoming a number of different challenges. These could relate to what they experienced during their early years, and what has taken place since that time.

Therefore, although they won’t have achieved very much, they might have been through hell and back. And in order for them to do this, it would have taken courage, persistence and a lot of inner strength, among other things.


If someone is only interested in what they have achieved, it is going to stop them from being able to see what they have overcome. As far as they are concerned, the only thing that matters is moving forward.

They won’t be able to realise that not everyone experiences life in the same way, and this can show that they are not interested in putting themselves in another person’s shoes. What this can indicate is that they believe their value depends on what they have achieved.

A Difference

They are then going to judge others in the same way that they judge themselves, but this is not to say that they are aware of this. When one does achieve something, they can be more likely to talk about it.

On the other hand, when one overcomes something, they can end up keeping it to themselves. It can also be a lot harder for people to see when one has overcome something; whereas when they achieve something, it can stand out.


Ultimately, one is on their own journey, and what matters is that they honour their own path and don’t allow themselves to get caught up in what other people think of them. While it is easy to judge, it is a lot harder to take the time to try to understand what someone has gone through

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