Success, everybody wants the key that will open the Door or unlock the secret. There are books, web sites, coaches, products, systems, techniques and the list goes on.
What is the one thing that you must have, without it nothing else you put in its place will work long term for your life? That’s the main thing isn’t it- your life! How it is lived and what you do with it. How do you know you are successful? How do you know you are living the life you want not just the one you are living.
Let’s explore some myths particularly when commentators talk about this subject and make claims of so called absolutes. I mention here, that there are Facts and then there is Truth-Truth always outruns, outlasts and overcomes Facts. Facts can change –truth never changes. That subject is covered more thoroughly in the MM D.R.I.F.T ® system.
I have been fortunate to be in the People service industry for 30 years, and this has afforded me the opportunity to have been in the households and boardrooms numbering tens of thousands with people from all walks of life all the around the world.
From sitting with billionaires to societies throw outs, I have found that this one thing must be adhered to for a successful life. With this one thing, and yes you do still have to learn Principles engage Techniques and accumulate Ideas but these are byproducts that feed the one thing.
There is a rule that governs statistics with any claim, statement or process for success; it has been mentioned as the 80/20 rule. At MM we have defined it in our sales science as the 95/5 rule. It explains a lot of the abnormalities on why a certain principle, idea, technique or fact will work for one but not for others. It does not apply to the opportunity of the one thing.

You can not become rich with a JOB- ( financially)
There may be some documented facts and statistics that can summarize a point in this statement, but the truth is that there is an untold wealth opportunity lying dormant in the lives of hundreds of thousands of every day hardworking Australian employees. Around the world there are millions of employees becoming rich with the income they receive for their employed position.
 There are top tier executives in global Corporations that have salaries and benefits ranging from 20 million a year to 150 million year and second tier executives earning 1million a year. With an employee group of 300000 plus these executives form part of the 5%. 95% of them have worked their way up to these positions with 20 years’ service and an accumulation of TIPS.
 There are entertainment industry employees that can make more money in one hour than a successful businessperson can make in on year- Fortune Five hundred has documented studies that show some TV talk back hosts earning up 2.5 million per episode.
It may be stated as a fact that persistence, certain skills and doing something well over and over is a key to success – but are they living a successful life? Drugs, alcoholism, broken down relationships, depression, lack of self worth, regret , lack of quietness and peace attack 95% of these people’s lives constantly.
Employee wealth and financial Independence case example:
Mr. and Mrs. Smith living a Brisbane Qld. suburban home with 2 children aged between eight and ten.
Incomes: $50,000 per year each Occupation: Teacher and HR Manager Age: 41 and 40 Home value: $500,000 Mortgage: $220,000
With simple budgeting, a plan and investment education and guidance about finance, savings, property, taxes etc, Mr. and Mrs. Smith can be retired and financially independent at the age of 50 with over 5 million in estate assets, a net residual lifestyle income of $100,000 per year, a home without mortgage, an overseas holiday funded cash every 2 years, a new car every 4 years for the rest of their lives. The contribution to achieve this result is a net outlay of $2,500 per year from savings and 30-40 hrs of input per year. The MM product MM2 –Managing Money and the MM15 – Market Masters have proven to teach, educate and guide members in this process.
95% of Australians retire on a government pension after working and striving for more than 45 years, yet 95% of them could retire early and be financially independent. It could be therefore stated as fact that knowledge and know how is the key to success. Yet personal and fact finding studies show that in 95% of cases people who have achieved this result succumb to the same successful life attacks as the previously mentioned top tier employees and executives. Why? They forget to continue to apply the one thing.
You must have a business to be financially successful
All of the previously mentioned disputes this statement and the facts are that 72% of newly established businesses fail in the first 5 years and 38% fail in the first 2 years , after 10 Years only 5% of these businesses have million dollar revenues and are declaring more than 20 % profit. In addition the common answer on how is it going? Is! - No time to do anything and no money to do them as I am putting it all in my business? M mmmm! IT, The Business is not even a living thing!
You must emulate successful people and you must have a drive to make money
Without going into it here in great detail as my new book “AHA –I’ve got it and if you haven’t got it you can get it” explores this subject in greater depth, these simple examples could be presented as fact
• J.P Getty in his writings at the end of life stated that he wished he had invested more time in his family and regretted not doing so, he mentioned four marriages that failed in the process.
• Andrew Carnegie –regarded as the second richest man in history
Carnegie wrote “The Gospel of Wealth” an article in which he stated his belief that the rich should use their wealth to help enrich society.
The following is taken from one of Carnegie's memos to himself:
Man does not live by bread alone. I have known millionaires starving for lack of the nutriment which alone can sustain all that is human in man, and I know workmen, and many so-called poor men, who revel in luxuries beyond the power of those millionaires to reach. It is the mind that makes the body rich. There is no class so pitiably wretched as that which possesses money and nothing else. Money can only be the useful drudge of things immeasurably higher than itself. Exalted beyond this, as it sometimes is, it remains Caliban still and still plays the beast. My aspirations take a higher flight. Mine be it to have contributed to the enlightenment and the joys of the mind, to the things of the spirit, to all that tends to bring into the lives of the toilers of Pittsburgh sweetness and light. I hold this the noblest possible use of wealth.

After he sold his steel company in 1901, Carnegie was able to get fully involved into the acts for the peace cause, both financially and personally. He gave away most of his fortunes to various peace-keeping agencies in order to keep them growing. When his friend, the British publicist William .T. Stead asked him to create a new organization for the goal of a peace and arbitration society, his reply was as such:
I do not see that it is wise to devote our efforts to creating another organization. Of course I may be wrong in believing that, but I am certainly not wrong that if it were dependent on any millionaire's money it would begin as an object of pity and end as one of derision. I wonder that you do not see this. There is nothing that robs a righteous cause of its strength more than a millionaire's money. Its life is tainted thereby.
• There are countless documented transcripts that those who have accumulated wealth for the sake of it have committed suicide, died lonely and broke, dealt with severe relationship and health crises, fear of loss and lack of self worth most of their lives.

So what is the one thing?
What is it that holds all the components of a successful life together?
What do I need to have and to do to get it?
What do I need to instill in my like journey every day to keep it?
Yes! in your life journey and to live a successful life you need persistence, courage, tenacity, hard work, thankfulness, forgiveness, goals , education, skills, ideas, principles, techniques, systems, mentors , loving and caring friends and family, etc, etc. Anything one can do to increase great habits that can be practiced in real life is a must for anybody wanting a successful life.
But all of these on their own or as a group cannot hold themselves together to work for you without this one thing.
It is the one thing that everybody is born with and the truth that every single human being is created with the power of it.
What is it? It is the Power of BELIEF
BELIEF that you have a purpose
BELIEF that you are unique and the right to be free to live a prosperous life
BELIEF that you are worth much more than just things that you accumulate
BELIEF that you are more than and blood and bone
BELIEF that your life has great purpose
BELIEF that your life’s purpose does affect your environment and the world
BELIEF that you have an untapped resource of ideas, creative power, decision ability and choices and dominion over your circumstances.
Belief that your words and thoughts are living things that affect your future and can change the facts of your circumstances.
Belief that there is a higher good in all humanity

Without belief, all the things you learn, apply and get in your quest for success will be self sabotaged, without belief you cannot fight the curse of doubt and fear, the fear of loss, the fear of your future, the fear of not getting your goal, the fear of death, sickness and poverty, the fear of not being loved or liked. These are the enemies of a successful life and unless one has a counter attack plan, money, things and title cannot ward them off. 95% of people at the end of their life regardless of financial status or background have great regrets about the life they lived and believe they did not accomplish a greater purpose in their life.
Anything one regrets is not a success!
Belief is the substance of all things hoped for, it is the foundation of our existence and it feeds the correct energy to aspire for – aspire for what? A successful life!
It holds us up and carries us through the challenges of living in a world that we cannot control all the facts and all the circumstances. It provides a path for guidance when we cannot see a way through our circumstances that block our goals for success.
Everybody has this gift, but it needs to be ignited- how?
With a dream or a vision- one with purpose, one that will expand your natural thinking, one that will need to be continually developed, one that continues to take your breath away even in milestones of goal successes.
A dream/ vision is like the architect plan for a great building , without it anything will go up, people will put things anywhere in the building, and the builder just has to try to figure it out each day ,much of it made up as he goes.
A dream is never accomplished, the vision is never completed, and its purpose is to plant a seed for harvests beyond your input and your life. It serves and fulfills, sustains and acts as an example for others. Our belief and our dream becomes bigger than us, it holds all the pieces of life’s puzzles together. It understands there are things that have to be accomplished, yet it will humble us to stay in contact with the frailness of humanity.
95 % of negative human emotions, negative actions that result in strife, crime, wars, poverty, human misery stem from the core problem of the lack of a positive vision/dream BELIEF system. Belief is the light that shines in any darkness.
The book most printed and most read ever! The Bible has a chapter written by one of the wisest and wealthiest man that has ever lived- King Solomon. In his writings in proverbs there are many facts and truths for a successful life. Proverbs also has a great wealth of wisdom to develop a quality BELIEF foundation.
Proverbs 13:12 Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life (New living translation)

In 2011 why not set down a solid foundation for the rest of life- get a vision and a dream. It will ignite the power of belief and become the greatest asset in your quest for a successful life. It will not only assist you acquire short term goals, medium and long term goals , but will give you the inner health and energy to do more with less, less what? Less stress, less worry, less confusion, less doubt and less fear! Living a life without these things is essential for a successful life!
The MM17 –Much More and the MM9- Makeover Maintenance has been helping members get started with their ignition for their vision with people from varied backgrounds and circumstances - You can to! Be a belief builder!
Stay looking up and forward in all things
Aint it great to be alive
Best of Cheer
Marty Morris

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MM INTERNATIONAL founder and CEO, Martin J Morris is a recognised authority on peak performance and performance management. Martin is a renowned master sales person and trainer on the science of selling .Martin is a sought after motivational speaker and personal achievement success coach.