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Do you often find yourself at one problematic situation after another? Are you constantly in a crisis survival mode because they just seem to come at you endlessly? Do you often feel at a loss of what to do when you face crisis and other unexpected negative situations?

You don’t have to let yourself be a slave to crisis. It’s great if you know how to handle conflicts well, but wouldn’t it be even better if you can protect yourself and avoid crisis altogether?

Here are 5 simple tips on how to keep crises at bay.

1. Look ahead. Most problems in life arise because of the lack of insight and intuitiveness on our part. We just keep on acting without thinking about potential crisis and without calculating the risks we face. So if you just learn to take things slow and take the time to look ahead at possible disasters and to evaluate risks, you can save yourself from a lot of sticky situations.

2. Don’t let pride take over. Do not be afraid or too proud to seek help from others. If you try to do everything yourself and refuse to ask for necessary help, you’re likely to face a crisis, and you’ll also be alone to face it. Seeking help is not a sign of weakness.

3. Maintain a safe zone in your life. Always keep a portion of your life fully secured and safe. For example, if you’re planning to make a risky but profitable investment, always make sure to have some money left behind in a safe, risk-free area of investment. This way, you will always have a fall-back in case the economy goes haywire and your risky investments go downhill.

4. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Have you ever done or said things that you instantly regretted and the only excuse you have is that your emotions got the best of you? This happens even to the best of us sometimes, but only because you don’t put your mind in control of the situation.

If you want to avoid a crisis, you need a steady head resting upon your shoulders. A clear and steady mind that can avoid crisis is not only rational, but is also positive. It is a mind that is programmed to always look at the positive side of things and to always remain clear and calm regardless of what’s happening. This way, it is in the right place to make the right decisions and conclusions.

To get that kind of mind, you can rely on subliminal messaging. Subliminal messaging is a process wherein you communicate directly with your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is believed to be the controlling power in our lives; it controls our thought patterns, beliefs, sources of our ideas, habits, impulses and instincts, and our behavior. Thus, all you have to do is send the right messages to program it to work the right way. This way, your mind will be in control in all situations, so you are able to rise above your emotions. And since subliminal messaging allows you to control your subliminal mind, it means you will always be in control and has the power to always choose the right direction to avoid any crisis that threatens to come your way.

5. Handle each crisis well to keep more from coming at you. One difficult thing about dealing with a crisis is that if you deal with it the wrong way, you can expect it to multiply and create double the amount of problems. So to avoid more crises from coming, make sure to handle each crisis well. Manage the crisis one step at a time. Do not panic or make decisions and actions out of your impulsive desire to end the crisis instantly. Most problems need to be taken apart so you can tackle them from the roots, so you need to attack with caution and try to end the crisis without creating new ones.

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