It’s essential to be able to distinguish the difference between our subconscious experiences and our superconscious experiences. Subconscious experiences are related to the physical body whereas superconscious experiences consist of sense-free thinking. For example the concept of “circle” has no basis in our body but is an example of the first step into the superconscious, spirit world. These concepts do not belong to us. They belong to all Human Beings. Or think about words like “if” which have no material basis. These words give us the structure for all languages and have no physical sense basis.

Superstition, visionary dreams and medium experiences are all aberrations of the natural human striving for the spiritual world and are all based on the physical body.

We must all strive to overcome our normal form of consciousness and develop a healthy form of consciousness. This would enable us to gain higher levels of thinking, namely imagination, inspiration, and intuition.

Author's Bio: 

Andrew Flaxman, founder and director of Classic Insights, B.A., Princeton (cum laude); M.A., Business, Rutgers; author of Learning from History, (Gifted Education Press of Virginia, 1990), “The Open I" (Humanities Education, University of Minnesota, 1991), “The Extra Senses in Our Perception” (Thresholds Quarterly, May 1999), “The Bhagavad Gita and Self Education” (Thresholds Quarterly, Winter 2000-2001), and “The Open I” (revised, Chrysalis Reader, 2001).