When someone says they are studying martial arts, this is just a general statement as there are many styles of martial arts. All of them are unique in their own way. The term martial arts mean various methods of combat that incorporate different codified practices and techniques. The main reason to learn a martial art is to defend yourself from physical threat. It is a type of self-defense. Although different parts of the world have their own special combat style and technique, generally most techniques or moves are categorized as grappling or striking moves. The more common striking methods are kicking and punching but knees and elbows could be used for the same. Grappling includes different throwing, pinning techniques, and submission holds.

Styles of martial arts

• Korean and Japanese—most of these techniques are unarmed self-defense. However, in Japan swordsmanship included different styles like Naginatajutsu, Battojutsu, Kenjutsu, and more. The single-edged Katana swords that come from Japan are famous. Sumo wrestling gives importance to maintaining the balance of your body.
• Chinese—this style of martial arts consists of many different fighting styles, which are classified under the popular style called Kung-Fu. Chinese martial arts are classified by geography. The southern and northern styles of martial arts include many different sub-types. For example, the northern styles put more emphasis on legwork and acrobatic movements. The southern styles feature low stable stances and short powerful movements.
• Indian—this style is a form of wrestling and is known as Pehelwani or Malla-Yuddha. It is inclined towards testing the muscular strength and flexibility of the body.
• Capoeria—this is a style of martial arts that originated in Brazil. It gives importance to the development of flexibility and endurance. Some of the features of this style include kicks, elbow strikes, cartwheels, feet sweeps, hand strikes, and head butts.
• Obnu Bilate—this is a style of African martial arts. It has origin in South Africa and was created by Nat Whylch during the 1960’s. The techniques used in this style include sword fighting, grappling, and striking.

These are just some of the many styles of martial arts. Due to the large number of martial arts and their variations it is hard to make a complete list. When talking about styles of martial arts they are broadly classified into:

• American
• African
• Caribbean
• European
• Asian
• Near Eastern
• Scandinavian
• Oceanian

Although martial arts are about self-defense there are health benefits in practicing some style of martial arts. They help you exercise and work out different parts of your body to help you stay fit. Martial arts can also help you strengthen your muscles, be a way to relieve stress, and help improve your cardiovascular health.

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