Now many people who know the tide brand always like to give the tide brand a high or low score, what supreme and Bape mask is more grade than Stussy and champion. But I don’t think there is any king of tide brand, but there are people who create unlimited influence. The emergence of that person is often a decade or even twenty years.

This kind of mentality, “I am good at mixing, and bring you by the way”, does not care about trivial matters in order to achieve great things. The influence derived from them is too strong. The United States is Shawn Stussy who founded Stussy.
With Stussy, the store started to have fans and then affected James Jebbia, Eddie Cruz, Chris Gibbs who worked there or had a relationship, and saw Supreme, Undefeated, Union in a few years. They then used their influence to influence more people.
Japan is Fujiwara Hiroshi who engages in DJ. He had already gone abroad to learn about their culture early, was bringing their music back, and was running a magazine column as a DJ trend figure.
Bring Stussy to Japan, and then start Goodenough on his own. During this period, I got to know Nigo, SK8thing, Junio, Takizawa Shinsuke, and Nishiyama Toru because of doing this. A few years later I saw Bape, Undercover, NBHD, WTAPS, Hysteric Glamour.
Later, there was James Lavelle, who combined the western and western trend cultures. Because he liked the Japanese underground hip-hop culture Major Force, he used his influence to gather his friends to go to Japan to communicate with them, and finally had the first collision.
So Nigo knew Kaws, Futura, Stash, and more. East and west finally meet, until now. Bape went to the US, Kaws came to Japan, and so on.
Then came the new generation of Kanye West. With the popularity of his own star, he first started to collaborate with Trend Life to produce record covers. He used Takashi Murakami or Kaws, and then he and Nike had Yeezy (whoever beat me here, at his own risk), and often wore Supreme.
I do think that the name I mentioned above definitely gave him suggestions to teach him how to be “influential”, so he founded Donda with Jerry Lorenzo, Matthew Williams, Samuel Ross, Virgil Abloh, Heron Preston.
There is also a special Kim Jones who likes Supreme and street culture. When he finally became the creative director of LV, he brought them with me and finally entered the perspective of luxury brands.
There is no one who is the most powerful and influential. The pursuit of street culture in the East and the West is different. The West is more attached to the expression of personality and thought. The East is more pursuit of the overall image and quality, and each has its own influence. There are various fans.

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