There are many ways to define your eyes with makeup. The main aim of eye makeup should be to enhance a woman beauty and to look as natural as possible. The true satisfaction of every woman is to find techniques and beauty products that bring out exactly the stunning eyes as you want to achieve. The best part is when that satisfaction can be achieved with minimum efforts. Here are tips that give you those stunning eyes with the minimum amount of strain possible

1. Exfoliating your face twice a week
Exfoliating your face is all meant to remove the dead cells from the skin. This will give the skin a more clear and healthy look that will remove the need to hide the dark circles around the eyes using concealers and foundation. Exfoliating requires knowledge of your skin type, the right scrubber and a moisturizer. It should be a routine to be done twice a week. Too much of exfoliating is harsh for the skin and should be avoided.

2. Eat healthy and drink plenty of water
A healthy diet provides the body with the required minerals and vitamins. A healthy diet will show in the outer appearance including the eyes. Drinking plenty of water is needed to keep the body hydrated and to remove toxins from the body. When the skin is hydrated, the body shows a natural glow and it appears to be more alive.

3. Understand each eye makeup
Understanding the external eye and where each makeup is applied, may seem obvious but it is tough for most people. A better understanding of each eye makeup will ensure that it brings out the best impression. Skip the eye makeup that you don’t understand its use.

4. Shape your eyebrows like an expert
This is the easiest and cheapest trick for stunning eyes. It requires less effort and at times you can shape the eyebrows yourself from a mirror at the comfort of your home. If you are not courageous to shaping them yourself, you can have it done by an expert. Shaping your eyebrows can also include plucking, waxing, and threading. In case you have scattered eyebrows fill up the spaces with matte eye shadow. This is the most crucial step to achieve stunning eyes as it defines your face.

5. Shape your eyelashes
Curl your lashes by using the lash curler. Place it at the base off your upper eyelashes. In order to curl them easily, use it before applying any eye makeup on. This defines your eyes and makes them more awake.

6. Apply primer
Apply primer on the eyelids. It feels great on the application as it creates a soft surface to apply makeup on. It prevents creasing, makes the eye shadow to stay in place and makes the overall eye makeup to stand out. It also helps to retain moisture in the skin. Luckily, the primer is not a must-have eye makeup; you can choose to skip it altogether.

7. Apply mascara
Mascara is a beauty tip that most women find friendly to use. It makes your eyes stand out and look more alert. It also widens the eyes, brings out a defined shape of the eyelashes and therefore it helps achieve the overall feminine look. Use a barrier like a business card or a plastic spoon to avoid excess mascara getting on your upper eyelid. Apply two coats of mascara for a thicker look on the eye lashes. A clear mascara is preferably advisable for beginners to avoid clumping.

8. Apply eye shadow close to your skin tone
The trick for a good look when wearing an eye shadow is applying eye shadow that is close to your skin, hair and lip. Matching eye shadow with the outfit is not a good idea as it makes you look fake. Instead, try on different eye shadows to find out which one complements your skin tone the most.

9. Eyeliner
Apply an eye liner that is close to your eye color. Apply a nude eyeliner at the corner of the eye to make the eyes pop. If you prefer a winged eyeliner, which is usually beautiful but very frustrating to apply, use a spoon for a perfect wing. To make your eyes look more awake and for the eyebrows to appear lifted, apply a white eyeliner underneath your eyebrows and blend.

Experimenting with different eye makeup will make you cease to look and feel boring. Aim at looking composed and confident with every eye makeup you wear. Choose eye makeup that is easy to muster, cost effective, requires minimal efforts to wear and it achieves maximum impacts. It is highly advisable that if you choose to do up your eyes keep your lip makeup simple. Do not overdo eye makeup.

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