A surgical mask, also known as a face mask is a loose-fitting, disposable device that acts as a physical deterrent between the mouth and nose of the user and the contaminated environment. But all the face mask is not referred to as a surgical mask. The main role of a surgical mask is it is used at the time of health procedures by a health specialist. It is mainly used to prevent droplets, splashes, and sprays that may contain germs (viruses and bacteria). It acts as a filtrate that filters out the large particles in the air but it is not designed to protect small particles like airborne bacteria or viruses during breathing.

This is not so effective against the outbreak of acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-Cov 2) but these provide some protection against coronavirus where N95 masks are not available. The maybe face shield or not and available in different thicknesses based on the ability of their protection. It does not only protect you from harmful particles but also gives you the ease of breathing through this mask. Also, a disposable surgical face mask reduces exposure of your saliva and respiratory secretions to others as we breathe in trains, buses, and tubes and we touch our face numerous times subconsciously by infested hand. Mask will help you to protect against this bad habit and different serious health hazardous issues.

The different name of surgical mask

Surgical mask varies by quality and levels of protection. All the different names of surgical are not used as surgery purposes. But they are known by a different name according to their use and level of protection.

1.Face mask
2.Medical mask
3.Laser mask
4.Isolation mask
5.Procedure mask
6.Fluid-resistant mask.

Things of health benefits by surgical masks

1. It reduces the chance of airborne disease

Surgical masks are generally used to reduce the chance of spreading the airborne disease to others, also prevent airborne large dust pollution when breathing which are the result of air pollution. East Asian like China, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan worn surgical mask all year round to reduce the chance of infection.

2. It retains the droplets ejected from the wearer

Surgical masks retain some large droplets ejected from the wearer through taking, coughing or sneezing from mouth and nose. Thus they reduce the spread of the pathogen.

3. It helps to reduce saliva and respiratory secretion

A surgical mask is mainly used to protect from spreading saliva a respiratory secretion that can travel up to 26 feet. So, any kind of pathogen or germs is prevented by using surgical masks.

4. It helps not to touch your mouth or nose

Viruses and bacteria can spread rapidly when you touch your face parts like mouth and nose. Many cases of flu can't active as far as they can't reach the mouth and nose. Many people touch contaminated surface which becomes very harmful when he/she touch his hands to his/her mouth or nose. So, surgical masks remind the wearers not to touch his mouth or nose, otherwise, it may transfer many deadly viruses or bacteria.

5. It helps to catch microorganisms during surgery

Surgical masks are mainly used by health professionals at the time of surgery which can protect them from many harmful microorganisms. These microorganisms can spread through the droplets and aerosols from the patient. It is very effective to reduce the risk of infection among healthcare workers.

6. Breathing is very easy

Surgical masks are used not only to protect you from harmful particles but also to give you comfortable breathing as it is very easy to breathe. It also protects from different germs (viruses and bacteria).

7. Act as a PPE

A surgical mask is a part of the PPE (Personal Protection Equipment). This type of PPE helps to reduce the spread of many deadly viruses and bacteria.

8. Alternative to N95 to protect flu

Sometimes it is very hard to find or buy N95 masks in a pastoral area or a poor county to control flu-like coronavirus. Thus we can use surgical masks to protect this flu in alternative to N95 masks as the N95 mask is not available in all places.

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