Hummingbirds are amazing creatures of Earth. They are the smallest bird in the world, yet they possess great power and abilities. It flies and flitters and when you watch their movement you become enchanted by their agility and speed. Their long beaks or bills enable them to feed in some of the most exotic flowers in the world as they dine on nectar. They have been called one of the most elite athletes of the bird world because their moves are graceful and sometimes they look like they are floating instead of flying. These birds have adapted to various climates and flowers over time just like many other species in the world. A plant re-shapes and re-makes itself as it is found in new environments and so the birds’ beaks or bills are continually evolving to keep up with the plant life, so its beaks/bills will fit the shape of the flower or plant, and amazing enough this process is necessary for pollination.

My point here is that the smallest creatures on the planet are smart enough to know that if they want to eat and sustain themselves, they need to change and shift to survive. Some many of us humans refuse to change, and shift and we expect society, our governments to do our bidding for us. What a pity that man in his stubborn attitude and sense of entitlement has kept himself stuck and therefore caught in a dilemma. In life, each one of us must take responsibility for our actions. We are truly the only ones who can empower ourselves to be our best and greatest.

We can all learn something from this story and the life of the hummingbird. These birds fly with both sides of their wings and their skills are quite awesome and versatile. Man functions with both sides of his brain and his skills, if developed and utilized are equally awesome. So, what I am trying to say here is that we could learn something about survival and change by studying the life of the hummingbird. For its size the hummingbird is powerful.
Human beings are also powerful creatures and when challenged, have the ability to empower themselves in amazing ways.

Resources are another mechanism to think about. The hummingbird is very resourceful, and it uses its skills in adapting from one way of functioning to another. Humans are the most resourceful creatures on Earth, but we have one added bonus that sets us apart from the animal world and that is an intellect that allows us to delve into the truth of our existence. Because of our advanced state, we can become quite inventive by using our imagination to take advantage of the vast array of materials available to us. If we are willing to continually coach ourselves to improve our attitude, behavior and environment in which we live, we can most definitely empower ourselves to be truly great. But as I have noted before, only 20 % of the Human Species uses those resources to their greatest advantage.

There are so many distractions in the world today, such as video games and many other types of electronic gadgets that we have lost our vision and our purpose. We tend to waste a great deal of time on the mundane and not sufficient time on positive thoughts or essential questions that will help us find solutions to life’s challenges.

Some of you will mock and laugh at this concept but I want to ask you one important question. “As a human being do you realize your true identity and know the purpose of your existence?” Because if these thoughts seem unimportant to you, then I can say with genuine sincerity, you are not utilizing the full power of your intellect to prosper and experience the grandness of success. Wisdom is a beautiful attribute and when explored and sought can and will help you master yourself and your shortcomings. As always, I encourage, all people, young and old to take responsibility for your actions. Coach yourself towards your greatness and refuse to allow another person to cause you to shrink or dis-empower you. No one knows you as well as you know yourself! Daily tell you how wonderful you are and daily focus your attention on only positive and productive thoughts. These two points will get you on the right path to being your best life coach! The hummingbird would never have survived if it didn’t adapt itself to change. You, too, must do the same!

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