I am very Interested in the Japanese economy and other things related to the Japanese culture, so I am going to have a visiting to this country to look for something valuable to cultivate my own tast, and at the same time, I am also going to learn the real Japanese language to adjust the life there, so that I will have more chances to get a better job there. So I decide to learn the Japanese language.

However, learning a foreign language is a hard task, because you must do the same thing again and again. For instance, the general learning method for a language learner is to listen to a record or a tape through lots of repetition. We often listen to the original text at the beginning, then we listen to the translation version at the next step, finally we try our best to speak what we have learned. Any language can be learned through this way, but the learning results often cannot satisfy our needs. At this time, maybe we can choose a kind of intelligent software which can improve our comprehensive capabilities as quickly as possible. Rosetta Stone is just a kind of software program which can completely make your language study much funny than ever before. In addition, with this language learning tool, you can learn a different language as you wish. You use Rosetta Stone Korean to study the Korean language, you can also use Rosetta Stone to study the Japanese language, and so on.

But I just want to tell you something about my own experience. In the present world, there are more and more diverse language learning assistant software which has changed the traditional way of language learning. You can completely learn the language all by yourself. In the past several years, I was learning the Korean language for a long time. At the beginning, I tried different language software which brought to me special experiences which open a door for me to some extent.

The first language software I approached to is the Rosetta Stone Korean software which is very hot through out the whole world, as I mention this, you will have the same feeling with me that this software is very perfect if you have also approached to this software before. Essentially, Rosetta Stone is a good kind of software which has a unique function compared to other language software. The traditional way is aimed to make you remember all the knowledge you have learned, while this software lend itself to the ones who prefer to immerse themselves into the whole language environment.

I liked Rosetta Stone software very much, and at this time, I will sustain my choice to learn the Japanese language through the Rosetta Stone Japanese software, and I believe that it will bring me considerable acquirement.

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