A unique country, Singapore which was earlier prominent for the impetus it provided to cultural activities is increasingly making its place in the education world as well. Known as a Global Schoolhouse, universities in Singapore are renowned for the programs offered. Not only do the universities in Singapore have a global recognition but a large number of international institutions have opened campuses in Singapore.
Through these universities, a large number of programs are offered to the students, one such program is that of a Masters in Science.

What is a Masters of Science program?
A form of a Master’s degree, it is awarded by a university upon fulfillment of a one to two year degree program. One of the many types of a Master’s program, a Master of Science programme pivots on a curriculum related to areas such as those of Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine, or Technology. There are various kinds of specialisations in a Masters of Science program, some of which include Finance, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Supply Chain Management. A Bachelor’s degree is a prerequisite but not all universities require the same. However, it is a general notion to pursue a Master’s in an earlier field of study because it helps you build up on the prior knowledge attained.

Benefits of studying MS in Singapore
Economical tuition fees
Funding Opportunities
Exposure to culture
Job Opportunities
Courses are taught in English
Quality Education
Quality of Life
Independent Education Institutions
Range of programs
Prestigious universities

To study MS in Singapore, you need to be aware of the intake period. Majorly programmes will have two admits, which are in August and January, respectively. The intakes largely vary according to the university under consideration.

Entry Requirements
You are required to showcase your abilities to be able to study MS in Singapore. To exhibit the same, you are required to give either a GRE or GMAT, which will largely be dependent upon the course of persuasion. Although not mandatory, admission in Singapore universities for a MS program requires a good undergraduate degree which should preferably be in a relevant discipline. As part of the admission criteria, you have to portray relevant English Language proficiency and to do the same are required to give either the IELTS or TOEFL.

Popular Courses to study in Singapore
Business Administration
Environmental Studies
Luxury Management
Computer Science
Information Technology
Social Science
Natural Science

Course Content
Courses in Singapore are taught through the medium of lectures, seminars, group work, tutorials, projects or dissertations. You will be awarded a GPA which is on a 5 point scale.

Tuition Fees
The exact tuition fees you are required to pay is largely dependent upon the course of persuasion and the university you are looking at. The country is adamant on encouraging international students and a range of funding and support options are available to assist you. You can however expect to pay an unsubsidised fee in Singapore of S$35,000.

Financial Assistance and Scholarships
You can avail scholarships either through the university itself or by an external agency. Availing scholarships is highly competitive in nature and you are required to adhere to certain criteria such as those of academic excellence to attain one. Scholarships in many cases cover tuition fees. A range of scholarships such as those of ASEAN Scholarship, APEC are available to study in Singapore. Financial assistance in the form of tuition fee allowance, study loans, tuition fee loan schemes can also be availed.

Work Opportunities
If you have a Student Pass and study a full-time degree you can work for 16 hours a week during the academic year and full-time during holidays, without having to apply for any additional permission. You can also avail part-time work opportunities, however this can only be done once you receive approval from the university. The local employers are permitted to give international students part time jobs, but only upon receiving valid authorisation.

One you gain an admission offer you need to hold an authentic Student’s Pass. This is issued by the Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA). The visa application is an online process in Singapore, in which you as well as the university, submit relevant documents. Upon successful acceptance of the same, you are permitted to study in Singapore.

Student Testimonials

The experience with Edwise was really good and helpful. I got a clear picture about every formality to be completed.
Name: Devika unnikrishnan
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Services provided by Edwise were very good, the admission process went very smoothly.
Name: K Krithika
Country: Singapore
University: Singapore Management University

My experience with Edwise was very good and my counselor was very proactive in helping.
Name: Mehak Mewawalla
Country: Singapore
University: Lasalle College of Arts

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