Every year, thousands and thousands of American students decide to study abroad. They pack their bags and cross the proverbial pond. Some head to Germany, others to China. Some choose to go to Japan, others to Prague. Then there are those who choose an even grander adventure: they study abroad in New Zealand or Australia.

The study abroad programs in Australia and New Zealand have many of the same advantages of many study abroad programs. No matter where you decide to go, studying overseas will undoubtedly introduce you to new people, new places, and new experiences. But, when it comes to deciding where to study abroad, Australia and New Zealand do have an edge on their competition.

Before committing to Denmark and before buying your ticket for London, consider this:

The Weather: A chance to study abroad in New Zealand or a chance to go to class in Australia is a chance to experience great weather. This part of the world is known for its warm, welcoming, and tropical weather, particularly during the American school year. In fact, the only time Australia and New Zealand routinely get "cold" (cold, of course, being a very tolerable sixty degrees), is during their winter, which is, ironically, our summer.

The Play: No matter where you decide to study abroad, Australia, New Zealand, or somewhere completely different, your main focus has to be on school (at least that is what you should be telling your parents). Still, there will be plenty of time for play. Study abroad programs Australia and New Zealand based are ideal for someone who wants to study hard and play hard. With the Great Barrier Reef nearby, these two countries have the world's best scuba diving in their backyard. This is an ideal place to study, in particular, if you are interested in becoming a oceanographer or marine biologist.

The Academics: Though you will be tempted to skip class, you will still need to take time and focus on academics. Australian and New Zealand study abroad programs have a strong academic presence, one that is very comparable to the educational ethos of the United States.

A Once in a Lifetime Chance: If you have the opportunity to enlist in study abroad programs, Australia and New Zealand should be considered for another reason: this may be your only chance to see them. Unlike Europe, where Americans often visit several times during their lives, Australia and New Zealand are places people are lucky to go to once, if ever. Thus, if you have a chance, seize the opportunity. You just might regret it if you don't.

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