The Netherlands is one of the most popular study destinations in Europe. With reasonable living costs, a high quality of life and the variety of different programs offered, this led to the increase in international students to Dutch institutions.

This increase in popularity is putting pressure on the availability of student housing. Note that Dutch universities are not responsible for securing the accommodation of their students. The task is exclusively for the students which is very difficult for most international student and need a way out.

Types of student accommodation in the Netherlands :

Students can stay in different accommodation. You can choose to live in a house or a student apartment, which is very common among Dutch students. In the Netherlands, students do not usually live on the campus of their university. Listed below are types of student accommodation:

Student house:

In the Netherlands, the vast majority of students rent rooms in student housing designed for three to six people. Which is not ideal for those that love their privacy.

Student apartment :

Usually, the student apartments offer private rooms and shared bathrooms (living room, kitchen, bathroom etc.). Student apartment also offers space for about 8 to 12 tenants in a room.

Solution to finding accommodation as an international student in Netherlands :

Due to lack of student accommodation in the Netherlands, it is necessary to find immediate solutions for international students, listed below are tips on how to find a student accommodation in the Netherlands with ease:

University Housing :

University housing is one of the popular housing solution for students. But note that if you register, you will be charged a fee. The disadvantage is that, because availability is limited, you will be put on a waiting list.


Normally squatting is illegal in the Netherlands, but anti-squatters act as guardians of empty buildings and protect them from vandalism. It's a cheap way to live, but not an ideal option to go for.

Rental agencies :

Rental housing brokers are the solution and the best option for finding a student residence in the Netherlands at ease and stress-free. However, keep in mind that not all agencies or real estate entrepreneurs can be trusted or make like easy for you. When seeking a trusted and reliable agent to work with, Marcel Van Hooijdonk, a Dutch real estate entrepreneur is your best bet. He rents rooms and apartments at a reasonable and affordable price to foreign students in the Netherlands.
Also note that real estate entrepreneur like Marcel Van Hooijdonk can be of great help in finding a nice rental property. His knowledge of the rental market and its environment, his relationship with the owners and his know-how in every detail can save you a lot of trouble.

Conclusion :

Unfortunately, the housing market for students in the Netherlands is quite competitive. It is a small, densely populated country, especially in the big cities, where students normally live. There simply is not much room available for student. But do not worry, Marcel Van Hooijdonk offers you the possibility to rent rooms of your choice at flexible price and you will surely recommend your friends because of his excellent service.

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