Back pain can be caused by many influences, yet most people will blame lifting something, sports injuries, or impact from falling and hitting something.  Yes, some of these situations do cause back pain.  They will heal up and usually disappear over time.   What about the pain that does not go away which seems to get worse and more intense over time?  Many of these pain syndromes are not connected to falls, Sports injuries or accidents.  They can not be traced to anything, yet they continue to cause serious pain which many times never goes away.

My back pain was first traced to an auto crash up.  Ten years later it was getting worse, yet there were not any symptoms of the injury present on X-ray.  This frustrated the doctors because my spine was compressing and I was shrinking in height, yet they could not understand what was causing it. They said “we could put you in traction and stretch your back out”.  This was used  to torture non believers during the Spanish inquisition.  (I had shrunk over an inch in height between ages thirty and forty).  No thanks I will live with the pain.  The back pain continued for another 15 year getting worse each year with no accidents to cause it.  The theory about Fibromyalgia had not surfaced yet so the doctors were calling it Scoliosis.

I suffered with back pain 24/7 for over 25 years. Doctors offered me surgery which I would not consent to.  When I would not do that they said pain killing drugs would relieve the pain.  I would not consent to any of these suggestions.  So where did I go from there?  I built a high pain threshold in my body so high I would not feel the pain unless it became chronic. This did not work because my back was beginning to get weaker and it would blow out a couple of months.  I had to go to a Chiropractor in the beginning but their adjustments did not work after a few years.   I found an Osteopath who understood muscle and bone relationships which was causing my back to break down but it came to a point where he was frustrated as why it was blowing out.  He finally told me not lift anything that weighed more than ten pounds.  This only worked when I was thinking about what I was doing.  Many times I would forget and pick up something and out went my back.  The doctor told me if this degeneration of my spine continued I would end up in a wheel chair when my spine would no longer hold my back up.

One doctor suggested they put rods in my back to hold it straight which I refused to do.  This was 1973.  In 1978 I discovered the cause and began a process to release it.   Today I am pain free and have regained my full height of five foot ten inches.  Some will ask how I did it and some will not believe I could go from almost total degeneration to pain free in ten years. There are still people who will tell me I do not know what I am talking about even after they can clearly see what happened to me and hundreds of people I have worked with over the last 30 years. I had a Chiropractor tell me if you will consent to a full body X-Ray and it shows that your spine is clear of the problem you had the past 30 years, I will become your patient.  He did make an appointment with me.

All you have to do is look at the social networking sites where these people write about their pain and suffering.  From my experience posting on these networks useless.  They want to be ignorant of the cause or cure.  Some of their responses have been “who is this snake oil doctor on our site or do you really believe your garbage  Or Who is this jerk on our site”   It is amazing to me people want to suffer and struggle with their pain..  I sure did not want to.  I was looking for any avenues by which I could remove the pain and allow me to recover.  I did not care what people were telling me.  If I had listened to the doctors and the people around me and let them influence my decisions I would have checked out of life long time ago. I would be dead now. I am 72 years of age and in perfect health with absolutely no pain in my body.

I studied all the alternative therapies I could find and even took courses in Chinese and Tibetan medicine. In 1978 I discovered two teachers who had the answer which released my pain for a while.  But this did not work either, the pain kept coming back. In 1982 I went back to college to get a degree in Psychology which proved to be a dead end road too. I took courses to be certified as a Hypnotherapist and many other alternative therapies which did not work either.   What I discovered was that most people could describe what they thought was causing their problems and conflicts, yet this was not the cause of their problems because they can not read their own minds files so I began looking again. 

In 1982 I bought a computer which really blew my reality out the window.  Only ten years earlier we had a two party telephone line and had to call the operator to call outside our town. (We were less than two hours north of San Francisco)  We did not have answering machines, FAX machines, cell phones, or the Internet. Now ten years later we have a computer which was really foreign to us.  We had to go to classes to learn how to use it. 

This proved to be my entry into a new world of healing.  I discovered our mind was a computer just like the one we were learning to use.  It took more than two years to formulate a method to apply this new technology to both writing and healing. What I was finding is that our mind records everything that has happened to us even before were born. In the next ten years I became addicted to finding out how the mind and the brain interfaced with the body. I studied Neuroscience because I knew there was a body mind connection but I was not sure how it interfaced.  As early as 1984 we were experiencing miracles which were not explainable in normal terminology.  By 1986 I had the process down and I was healing myself while I was working with clients.  It was odd that if a client had the same conflict I had and we began to work with the malfunction in their body, mine began releasing the same malfunction. It never came back.

So what is the answer which people will accept and take action to heal them?  When you talk to people who attend my lectures we find that about 50% are willing to walk through the fear and ask for help.  But only 35% will follow through to face the issues which created their pain.  Mind you, the 35% represents less than 2% of the general population who are struggling and suffering with back pain.  It is appalling and disappointing to hear the reactions I have heard from people.  Why do people want to cling to their pain?  My feeling is that if we are in place where we feel secure with what we know our mind will try to keep us in this place.  The illusion that there is no way to heal or cure will cause people to make some ridicules statements to defend their position.  Lack of love is the root cause and core issue of most malfunctions in our body, yet do these people have any concept about it or even want to know about it?  The answer is no.  Fear controls their illusion.  Don’t bother me with the truth I will not accept of believe it anyway.  I have had clients who have had miraculous visible changes in their life but family members seeing the proof will not believe it.  So where do we go from here?   Those who are open minded will be healed and the rest suffer.

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Dr. Art Martin has traveled all over North America speaking on healing our body/mind. Learn more about Back Pain at his website.