When anyone experiences stress- breathing and heart rate increases, adrenaline floods the bloodstream, and all sympathetic nerves get back into action. Even certain physiological changes such as the release of Cortisol and Epinephrine production helps the individual prepare for the situation better.


A few of those physiological changes include sweating palms, shallow breathing and nervous energy- especially when on a flight returning from a tiring holiday.


Holidays Are Fun (But Particularly Stressful Too):


Many believe that taking a vacation is one effective way to get far away from the city hustle-and-bustle and enjoy some stress-free moments. And the fact that one is with their family members makes it all the more enjoyable and recuperative.


But, these holidays can even become stressful. As these vacation days happen over an extended period, whatever stress is experienced from those times may lead to chronic health concerns.


A Look Into A Few:


  • Stressing over trying to make every entertainment perfect.
  • Having (unnecessary) social pressure to ‘cherish these vacation days.’
  • Worrying about having sufficient money for gifts and other enjoyment purposes.
  • Unwanted weight gain due to over drinking and un-checked eating.
  • Scheduling issues due to tiredness.


Symptoms Of Vacation Stress:


  • Increased hunger.
  • Irritability and unexplained headaches.
  • Disturbances in sleeping patterns.
  • Acid reflux and other digestive disorders
  • Cold or flu occurrence.
  • Increased alcohol consumption.


Beat VACATION STRESS With A Full Body Massage!


A full-blown body massage treatment is a wonderful means to reduce muscle tightness, soreness and injury. Furthermore, they are also great in relieving from vacation stress.


With too much stress, a weakened immune system can make one feel sick. And when cold or flu mixes with the condition- then it takes one totally out of commission!



  • These massages also help one relax and works to calm down their nervous system. Furthermore, a full body massage also replenishes the energy levels and relieves pain, tediousness and discomforts.


  • Lastly, and most importantly, a full body massage session also makes one emotionally resilient. It restores the holidaying spirit and also eliminates depression, anxiety and other stress-related symptoms.


Great Packages To Choose From:


As there are no scarcities of massaging centres, there’s a good chance that one would come across some rejuvenating massage packages to relax their mind and body.


  • A good 1-hour massage will take somewhere in-between Au$60-70
  • A 90-minute massage session will cost approximately Au$90-100 (with the addition of a 10-15-minute stone massage).
  • And a 120-minute full body massage in Southbank will cost in-between Au$110-120 (with 15-additional minutes of stone massage as an incentive)


Final Words:


It is always important to provide sufficient care to the body. Leaving it unattended will only make the existing issues worse and give rise to more stress and mental turbulence. As a full body massage is an appropriate mode of relieving stress; one should not procrastinate any further.


So, find a reputed massage agency and set up an appointment. It will be worth it!

Author's Bio: 

The author is a professional offering full body massage treatment in Southbank for years. With that, the author is also a lover of writing and educates the readers on full body massage treatment in South Yarra.