Since a large variety of companies utilize trade show exhibits in their marketing campaigns, the companies need to have the ability to customize the exhibits to fulfill their needs.

As both small and large exhibits are available by almost all modular exhibition display stands and manufacturing companies.

It is important to understand the benefits of each so a company can determine which best suits their needs.

Small Trade Show Exhibits

For companies that desire a high-quality exhibit with a consistent brand presentation at budget-friendly prices, smaller exhibits, including tables, kiosks and some portable and modular inline displays are beneficial. Generally, the smaller the exhibit, the less expensive it is for the company.

Although tablets and kiosks are usually an additional accessory to larger exhibits providing space for literature, products or personal items within the exhibit, these small displays also serve as a budget-friendly, convenient display as well.

Kiosks are also very versatile, meeting the needs of customers with varying size and function options while providing a consistent brand presentation. They can be used as an accessory within an exhibitor as a stand-alone exhibit designed through the modular exhibition system companies.

Additional accessories can be utilized for kiosks including shelving, fabric graphics, freestanding literature stand as well as suites which create an interesting backdrop for messaging. There are also smaller sizes for modular inline exhibits as well as portable trade show displays, which include tables, kiosks, and 10-foot structures.

The modular inline exhibits are perfect for exhibitors requiring custom design and structure to display their product or company image, but who also desire easy portability and flexibility.

Large Trade Show Exhibits

Although smaller exhibits are more economical and work for some companies, having a limited viewing space could limit the number of visitors to the trade show exhibits. Larger exhibits have the ability to maximize visibility, allowing the exhibit to communicate the message to an audience in a matter of seconds.

Trade show displays must make a strong first impression as they are a powerful reflection of the company's image and portrays the product quality and service customers can expect to receive.

The large island exhibits and portable trade show displays are created in 20' x 20' as well as 30' x 30' structures or larger. The presence of these exhibits makes a statement for major players in the industry.

Companies who utilize these island exhibits generally desire a bigger presence and more interaction space than smaller exhibits can provide. The larger exhibits can be divided for a myriad of design options as well as reconfigured into a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Additional accessories can be utilized with either purchased or rented architecture for the continued use of these large exhibits. These exhibits give companies the flexibility they desire now with the ability to accommodate future growth.

There are challenges and benefits to both small and large trade show exhibits in modular exhibition stalls. Understanding the differences between them can help a
the company determines which best suits their marketing and exhibition needs.

Deciding upon a custom booth

The custom booth can be virtually anything you want it to be with the status of the trade show exhibit. The exhibit is custom-built to the trade show exhibitor's exact specifications, as the term implies.

You have a clean slate to capture the drama of your firm's breakthrough product offering and you get to dazzle the visitor and out-perform the competition.

An exhibitor is willing to create high drama and powerful imagery for the sake of a truly powerful impact, with the traditional custom trade show exhibit, as it is a showcase piece in the trade show display product field. To deliver the exhibit that will have award-winning potential, allow enough time to start from scratch.

Understand the trade show schedule and allow four to six months for a large custom build and six weeks to 12 weeks for a mid-size island or smaller.

It is the cost as this is one thing you will have to prepare for with the custom display. It is the most expensive to produce and has the highest operating costs due to the size and number of packing crates.

Determining the costs

If cost is the dominant concern, consider a custom modular exhibit that offers high-quality exhibit imaging without the higher operating costs of custom displays.

Taking the example of back walls, counters, modular reusable exhibition stand, and exterior panels, modular construction takes advantage of a large inventory of interchangeable pre-designed and engineered components.

They provide simplified assembly, space-saving packing and often 400% lower shipment and handling costs, lightweight structural materials such as aluminum, Plexiglas and high-grade tension fabrics.

It allows you to reconfigure the design or size of your trade show booth from tradeshow to tradeshow, with the flexible design trend display components.

Due to less weight and size and the number of shipping containers, custom modular tradeshow exhibits offer design and image quality with substantial savings in operating costs.

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