Writing an essay is a common task given to every student in college. It is very easy to learn the process of writing a college essay. An essay consists of five paragraphs generally. It can be an argumentative essay, an informative essay, compare and contrast essay or any other essay depending upon the topic. The structure of the essay remains the same generally in most of the types of essays.

The most important task is to select an interesting topic that is entertaining for the audience and also informative. It should provide knowledge and value to the time of your reader. There are many cheap essay writing services who assist students to write an effective paper to score well.
In an essay the first paragraph is an introduction, the next three are the body paragraphs and the last i.e. the fifth one is the conclusion to the essay.

Introduction to the essay

A reader begins to read from the starting of a book, article or an essay, so it is very important to highlight the introduction with an effective beginning. It should be interesting enough to evolve the reader till the end. By reading the introduction reader decides whether to continue it till the end or not. If the opening lines are not bright then the reader is more likely to discontinue your paper.

The introduction consists of a catchy sentence which serves as a hook. The whole essay is hung on it and it should be attention grabbing. An excellent hook arouses the curiosity to engage until the end. It provides a hint about the entire topic and what will be observed in the essay. Following are a few tips for writing a college essay’s hook.

-You must have a clear vision about the requirement of the essay, also complete knowledge and information to execute writing.

-When you begin with your work creating an outline for an essay, you see how your structure works better and which component of the essay needs more focus.

-It is very important to identify the target audience.

-You can ask a question to create images in the minds of readers. It gets them ready to read the answer. Leave mystery and increase curiosity.

-You can also use a quotation from such people that are worth listening and are believed by people.

-An interesting fact is also helpful to write an interesting essay. Create a picture in the reader’s mind through your introduction.

-Revealing a misconception is also a good way to surprise the audience.

The thesis statement comes after a hook. It is connected to the hook and the whole body as well as conclusion. These sentences are completely related to your topic and include main points, arguments, and ideas conditional upon the type of essay’s topic.

Your introduction must end in a way that it connects to the whole body and should be proven throughout the essay.

The body is the main portion of the essay and it explains all the main points and ideas of the essay. You should always begin with a strong point and also end with a strong point to make a good impression and show your credibility.

Begin each body paragraph with a solid sentence and provide all the required pieces of evidence and facts in support of every point to prove it true. If you are using direct information from any source while writing a college essay, remember to cite the sources in an appropriate format to avoid plagiarism.

Conclusion of your essay must be expressive and should recapitulate the whole story of the essay in brief. Restate the points to increase the weight of your arguments and thoughts. Summarize how your points are true. Try to use an authoritative tone to rephrase your matter. You don’t have to copy paste the thesis and don’t add have to add any new information because it can confuse your customers. Your readers must end up knowing that your essay was informative for them and worth spending time to read.

In the end, don’t forget to proofread your paper so that you get know your mistakes if you have committed any. In case you are not confident about yourself, you can avail college essay help to get your paper checked, edited and proofread from expert editors so that there is no spelling or grammatical mistake left.

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