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Human being is the Caliphate and most noble creature of Almighty Allah in this world. Everything of human is different and distinguished from all other creature. The body structure of human is like a well-tuned machine which can work in a magnificent and smooth way. All the organs of human body are dependent on each other and sources of survival for function. It performs several functions without rest regularly round the clock and continuously works from birth to death. It maintains a particular temperature any time.

Structure of Human Body

The human body has combination of various beautiful organs like lungs, heart, kidney, liver and brain. All these organs have different tasks but works together. Each organ has a major function and are being controlled by the human brain. The brain is called controller or king of the human body. Some of its main parts are digestive system, excretory system, circulatory system, endocrine system, nervous system, muscular system etc. The brain gives intelligence information / orders to all organs and human body fulfills these orders physically.

Human body has more than 50,000 live cells. These cells have more than two hundred different types which include neurons (nerve cells) and glands (specialized cells) which perform different functions. Cells organizes hormones and enzymes of human body. Cells of the similar group are working together and human body build the tissues. The said tissues group further forms the organs.


The next most important factor of human body is skin which covers it and holds it from falling apart. It is a flexible cover of human body which protects the body from harmful effect of germs. The next strong part of human body is bone which is called internal framework (skeleton). It has total 206 bones. These bones connects the body at joints, such as in the legs and hands. These joints help us to move everywhere. Furthermore, backbone is the main connecting part of human body which supports the head and limbs. Backbone also protects the spinal cord of the body.


Human body has approximately 650 muscles between the skeleton and skin. Nerves spread from the brain to all parts of the body. It communicates the orders of brain to other parts of the human body. It carries signals in the form of tiny electrical impulses.


Human being has five senses i.e. eyes, nose, ear, tongue and skin which are the helpers of nerves. It passes messages to thehuman1 brain and the brain automatically controls breathing, heartbeat, digestion etc. In this way, the body keeps on growing. It is worth mentioning here that the peak of physical growth is between 18 to 25 years of age. However, the power of a body remains up till 40 years of age. The skin become wrinkled and less elastic, the bones become weak, the joints and muscles become inflexible and loose at old age. At the peak of life, the body gives up and death occurs. It is the most precious and valuable gift of Almighty Allah. Therefore, it is very important to take care of it. We must do exercise on regular basis for healthy body. Moreover, we must also control over diet and cleanliness.

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