Different strokes for different folks, and even with a therapeutic massage, so how would you like yours?

Let’s break it down some.

Stroke number one is for the party person, most likely a bridal shower group of women, a birthday crowd or a house call for just plain fun. These are the people who set out to have a fun massage day that most likely involves a few cocktails, lots of giggles and well the truth is there is always someone who winds up sick after their fun massage.

Stroke number two is for the pregnant woman or a post pregnancy massage. These are strokes of nurturing energy for those weary tired backs and feet. Massage works as a tool to create circulation in those swollen legs and helps alleviate back congestion in newly nursing Mothers.

Stroke number three is a massage geared towards the athletic client with a mindset on accomplishing sport challenges that compromise the body in ways that are much different than just a relaxing massage. These people require much deep trigger point muscle therapy as well as much more Chiropractic care.

Then there is stroke number four the relaxing massage for those people who quite frankly don’t want to be bothered they just want a good rub without any interruptions or excessive noise. They express feelings of being extremely stressed out prior to their massage, are very private people, and basically are looking for only a calm quite experience.

Stroke number five is the spiritually minded individual. These people are few and far between in that they are very comfortable in open conversation related to their aches and pains from a conscious perspective. They are the striving to be “whole” individuals who are constantly connecting the dots by understanding their relationships, lifestyles, past lives, and everyday circumstances can and do pertain to their body. If delving deep within themselves is even more painful to do so physically, then so be it for they know the hidden spiritual value found in non-attachment and trust.

You may be wondering of all the different strokes for different folks which one is the most effective and healing? Just what is the proper massage for you to have and how should you be perceiving that experience? The truth is they are all healing and beneficial even down to the client who has had too much alcohol to drink and finds herself on her knees vomiting after a wonderful massage session.

There is learning and healing on different levels of reality in life. If you didn’t know it then you know it now. These different types of clients have all benefited in some way through these sessions. Anytime energy has been shifted even more energy revelation will occur according to the belief system of the individual.

Much like the organs of the human body that remain separate from one another with their own individual tasks and function so too must people function and believe on different levels of reality in order to remain a part of the united whole. It’s how we help one another, it’s how we circulate and learn from each other, we are all connective tissue. Most of all it is the different strokes for different folks that that enable us to be who we truly are.
Stroking It, copyright 2015 Patricia Huff author

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Patricia Huff has been a professional body worker for over ten years, also certified in Energy work she has written six books found on Barnes and Noble and Amazon. Every time you purchase one of her books, money is sent to the Pine Ridge Indian reservation.