Striving for Imperfection

Had enough of trying to live up to impossible beauty standards and the pursuit of “perfection?”

I say it’s time for a beauty revolution. Throw down those skinny jeans. Quit dissecting your body. Stop trying to recalibrate your self-image and start embracing your imperfection.

What do those self-confident, self-assured women know that you don’t? Here’s the secret… lies in your flaws and your glorious uniqueness. Our ability to put forth something genuine and embrace our authentic selves (flaws and all) is far more beautiful than trying to be something that you are not.

You’ve absolutely got to love your imperfection no matter what. When you embrace your whole self, you liberate yourself from limiting beliefs, self-doubt and the myth of perfection. This allows you to make better choices, have healthier relationships and head down the path to becoming the type of woman you really want to be.

It’s easy to go along with the crowd; easy to judge others and ourselves based on outward appearance, numbers and measurements. It’s easy to join in with your friends and agree that you too feel bad about eating ice cream today or skipping the gym.

But our true strength and our true beauty lie in our ability to maintain our sense of self even when it means going against the crowd. Those women who accept their imperfections, who aren’t afraid to use their voice, who stand up for who they are right now and who they are trying to become are the ones who shine. These are the women who deserve to be admired.

You have only this lifetime to be the person you imagine yourself to be, and what a tragedy it would be to waste that lifetime striving to be something you are not. What do you want your contribution to be? Certainly it is far deeper than shapes and sizes and inches and numbers.

Once you celebrate all the pieces of you, you open yourself up to succeed in ways you never thought possible.

Realize that only you have the power to believe that you are beautiful, bold, courageous, brilliant, and perfectly imperfect. So go ahead, define for yourself what is means to be a Real Beauty.

Lori Fields

Real Beauty Is…™
bold, courageous, perfectly imperfect

Author's Bio: 

Lori Fields is founder of the website, Real Beauty Is.

She is a social entrepreneur, life coach, NYS licensed clinical social worker, and health & fitness enthusiast. Lori has worked throughout her life to empower others to embrace their beauty and strength.

At an early age Lori realized the power of a woman finding and using her voice. Since then she has become committed to helping women stand up for themselves. She is deeply committed to helping women of all ages achieve true self-acceptance and embrace their beauty.