Success hangs on a tall tree, reach it.
Success is at the end of the deep sea, go for it.
Success is at the bottom of the well, retrieve it.
Success is in the heart of each of us, discover yours.
Success is different for all of us.

Success is reachable, sometimes it may not be easy.
Success is your journey - make it joyfilled.
It will not come to you, you must reach for it.
Success personal it is as unique as you.
Most of all, you will only find your success if you want it.
Yearn for it,
Work hard for it,
Strive daily for it,
Sacrifice for it,
Reaching your success is the only real joy you will find.

A lazy person cannot pay the price for success
Success is the reward of a tireless warrior.
Success is the reward of the person who delays immediate gratification.
Success is the reward of the patient person.
Success is a celebration for the one,
Who has given all to get the greatest gift of all.

You have to earn success.
You must follow your heart instead of everyone else.
You may sacrifice popularity to find your success.
Success leaves a permanent mark on you, and everyone else around you.
Success makes you feel good when you have arrived
Nobody can make you successful.
You cannot buy success.
You have to take the journey of success by yourself.

You have to think of success,
Discipline your mind and body for success.
You have to strive daily for success.
You must pay the pricess of success.
Make your success your priority,
And you will be successful
Let no one stop you from your success
Go for it! Be willing to work for it! Do it! Live it!
Know also that as you grow your success changes,
You will enjoy it!

Success is already yours, do you see it?

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