As an example, how important it is to begin the hustle when you’re young can be observed with Asad Yusupov alone. So many of us in our youth step out of the path to the real fun, lost in clubbing and spending stashes, leaving us hand-to-mouth during the later years. A wise approach is to start a hustle, a venture, or any investment when we are young – this allows us to have a better focus on growth and bubbling energy to make it happen.
Starting something in the later years isn’t failure bound, but the detrimental effects of having lived decades in a fast-paced world have already tired us enough. A lesson Asad Yusupov learned significantly early due to unfortunate times. The CEO, co-founder of the famed 2018 Meaningful Million, and now the owner partner owner of several startups; Haiku Tampa, Eden Downtown, and others can be quoted describing the underprivileged initial years of his life.
“I would fish through quarters and pennies just to get taco bell at happy hour.”
From spending relentlessly on helping small business owners digitalize and charity for the homeless, Asad redefines being an entrepreneur. Such success isn’t an overnight sensation – His Instagram @noigasad is an inspiration to those who aspire to do collective good. He adds pictures of having fun on the sand, in forests, and tearing through the tides – but that’s the result of all the days that he sacrificed having fun to stabilize his career and follow his aspirations to the level of accomplishment where he became the helping and for the masses.
Asad Yusupov defines it for all those aspiring for greatness, start young and have all the fun when you can afford it for yourself and make others a part of it too!

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Sarah Jay is an Australian content writer from Melbourne. Her amazing writing skills give a boost in her career and now she is a senior content manager. Also in her free time, she likes to design a logo for websites and businesses.