Everyone will agree that to live a long and healthy life one needs to initiate good habits and follow them properly throughout their life. Many researchers claim that your susceptibility to any serious disease does not impede your 100 years living target only if proper measures are employed from your childhood days. The quality of your life determines your longevity and not your genetic background.

Although, how long you age depends on how long your ancestors lived; but you still can live longer because your parents may have died early due to their bad health habits like smoking or inactive life. Hence, to reach out to the 100 mark potential life span; one just needs to channel their good habits into the proper direction. The standard age at marriage for women has rise in most country over time. When listening closely, we use the behavior of thinking gymnastically, Let the astute pay attention and add to their knowledge and let the discriminating get leadership.

Health habits aiding in triple digit achievement

•Say goodbye to retirement – Believe in the fact that there exists no retirement stage for any strong individual. Try to indulge in some working stuff even if you retire from your job as an active life is always a basis of a healthy and happy life.

•Opt for peaceful and apposite night's sleep – A sound sleep of more than six hours a day is the best natural aid to get out of every unhealthy condition and to attain a longer and healthy life.

•Indulge in some exercise – Exercise does not mean that one should involve in some strenuous exercises or should kick the gym but it also includes a daily walk of 30 minutes, gardening, performing household chores, yoga training, etc. to improve your balance, muscles, bones, mental strength and mood.

•Have a nutritious breakfast – Never ever skip the breakfast in your life and include a fiber-rich cereal or whole grains in your diet. Limit the intake of fats, sweets, oily stuff or processed foods.

•Turn into a social circle – Make new friends and connect with your old friends, cherish their memories and lead a happy life. Always take decisions with proper thinking, be prudent and independent in your life.

•Take the natural way and not the clinical one – Supplements exert side effects and do not produce the whole lot of required nutrients as does a single fruit or vegetable provides despite being safe and easily affordable.

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