Festive stress and its impact on health

In simple terms, stress is a feeling that an individual experiences when he/she is under tremendous pressure. During times of stress, several changes take place in the body such as blood pressure rises, heart rate increases and stress hormones are also released. Stress can also unfavorably affect one’s behavior such as they may feel irritable and also face difficulty in coordinating with family, friends or colleagues. Stress if left unchecked can in the long run increase the risks of severe health disorders including cardiovascular disease.

Festive or holiday season is a time during which several people are busy spending time with family and friends which however can turn stressful for many and New Year’s too is no different. The same proportion also faces health-related stress as well as stress due to relationship problems, indicating that festive season such as New Year is a cause of stress for many. If any of your dear ones are feeling stressed this festive season, why not try giving them a healthy New Year gift in the form of stress relief supplements to help them remain stress-free.

Manage stress this New Year with natural supplements

  • Chamomile:

    This herb is known for ages for inducing relaxation and providing stress relief. For more than 100 years, chamomile is being used in Ayurveda solely due to its soothing and healing properties. It also helps to induce sleep. It can either be used as an essential oil or taken as a tea for promoting relaxation and stress relief. Pour few drops of this essential oil to a tub containing warm water and use this for unwinding the day’s stressful events. This is one of the most recommended stress relief supplements and an ideal healthy New Year gift.

  • Lavender:

    Known as the workhorse of all herbs, lavender is beneficial in reducing anxiety, stress, and irritability, along with promoting a sense of sleep, calm and relaxation. Lavender also acts as an effective anti-bacterial agent that works wonders in balancing hormones along with stimulating the immune system.

  • Valerian:

    Throughout history this herb has been used for its sedative and calming effects. Valerian has proven effective in decreasing the levels of stress along with the physical effects of stress. It will also help to promote sleep provided one has problems sleeping because of anxiety or stress. This is one of the most favorite stress relief supplements.

People generally experience stress during the festive season due to all the preparation, commitments and additional expenses than usual. But this year present your dear ones a healthy New Year gift and allow them to welcome and enjoy the year in the best of spirits.

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