Stress management programs are being done in various institutions and health units. Here in the health centers the programs are design to provide information on the general cause and effects of stress. Also concerns what you are going to have when you join the program are some techniques of how to deal with stress. You will be given lessons on how to develop a personal stress management style. These types of programs are good take the case of stress management; here you receive help on how to improve interpersonal relationships and increase the moral and productivity of every body taking part in this enriching program. It also empowers the participants with skills like leadership skills and listening skills.

Those who are in charged of this stress management programs are professionals in the following fields’ counselors, psychologist and educators. The programs are organized in way that participants study in an interactive and dynamic class. To go ahead this management programs are design to aide people in bringing down their stress levels. Therefore if you are part of the program you are going to gain skills in rational thinking techniques, healthy diet, self esteems, time management, managing difficult situations, problem solving and relaxation techniques. Life balance programs in stress management base its attention on achieving a healthier mind and body. Therefore in the program discussions are base on covering healthy eating, alcohol, or drug use, healthy relationships, money management, physical activity, sleep, spirituality and time management.

When it comes to working and overall health, stress management always comes in to reduce employees stress and also go ahead to improve their health. The first step of this program is geared towards educating the employees about the basic nature, sources, symptoms and consequences of stress. In the middle part of the program you will be taught the various stress management skills such as muscle relaxation, biofeedback, meditation and cognitive restructuring. Holistic stress management program is a workplace stress management program. One advantage of this program is that it improves the self confidence, self control, communication and adaptability of workers.

Another important aspect of stress management is that it can be done online. Telephonic and online stress management programs are taken care of by various health centers. On the part of counselors, they help individuals to set realistic goals, establish action plans and identify motivation techniques. Some centers conduct vacation trips. Multimedia entertainment and stress management program can reduce stress with images and music.

To conclude, there have been a few efforts to determine the efficacy of stress management programs and techniques. To this effect there was an experiment conducted by Bruning and Frew conducted, using a control group and techniques where combined in a variety of ways. The first control group was drilled in educational programs without any skills in training programs, the result of this experiment were not quite encouraging. Therefore there was need for a second experiment and the next control group was given Skills training and Meditation techniques and they displayed remarkable reduction in depression, hostility and anxiety. There was no apparent effect on job stress and blood pressure among the members of the control group while the other groups experienced reductions.

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