More than three decades ago, teachers have a strong power to control their students. Parents allowed teachers to give strong punishment to their children because they believe that teachers can make students learn when they are afraid. Teachers in the past have strong direct authority over their students so they can get great respect from them.

But society changed it. Particularly students who are in middle school and high school. They don't know how to recognize and to be grateful for the effort of their teachers. Most of them didn't know that teachers are those who are molding and motivating their skills to be successful in the near future.

As what other people say, teaching as a profession is a very stressful job. All kinds of job can give stress but teaching is more stressful. In this case they are not dealing with computers, business matters or so on. Instead they're dealing with people or kids who have the power to change our world into a better place to live.

Stress management for teachers is a must so that they will have patience to handle kids and young adults. Preschool teaching is the most stressful among the school teacher's level. Parents want their kids to be aware what is inside the school before they enter kindergarten. So they let their kids go to school even though kids are at least two or three years old until such time that their kids are ready to enter kindergarten.

It's so hard for preschool teachers to control a large number of energetic children who have entered school for the first time. They often teach kids something that incorporate with their senses through playing. So, exerting more effort and good strategies are stressful. It doesn't have a problem if all your students are normal that they can interact with all their classmates, but how about if a kid has a lack of attention disorder? This kind of kid has a tendency to meddle with the class.

Then it will reach to the point that the teacher cannot concentrate because of the disturbances that the kid has created. This phenomenon can multiply the stress that the teacher can feel. They could feel that they are such a failure because they can't comply their duty and responsibility as a teacher.

Another thing is that the students cannot concentrate anymore and to make the matter worse, the class is getting uncontrollable. Kids are not the only ones that give stress to the teachers. Administration and organization is also a part of it. They have lots of never ending demands as if they didn't know how hard it is to maintain a classroom management.

The school's vision is very strong that teachers don't have the capacity to keep it and they even lack supplies for making their vision successful. Stress management should be kept by teachers so that they can keep their jobs. They have to take all the challenges as a part of their job and it can make them better persons.

Experimenting and finding new relaxation while having a class with your students is necessary. If you are stressed as well as your students try to suggest a short trip with them in the weekend or try to go camping with them. It's a kind of stress management with pleasure and making a strong bond between you and your students.

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