B: Beat stress by not letting it arise in the first place. Beat stress by realizing what your place is in the great scheme and reality of the nature of things. Building up your immunity to stress should be one of your goals.
L: Let the Lord guide you in all things. Let the Lord give you understanding, answers and a true purpose.
E: Entertain only equanimity-of-spirit thoughts that automatically calm, soothe and keep you at the highest level of understanding.
S: Stop the stress arriving in the first place – prevention is better than cure. Stop stressing over things that really are unchangeable.
S: Stop all the unnecessary stress. Soothe the unnecessary stressors by accepting them as part of your fate. Sing a song of hope for the things in your life that you can work to change.

Y: You have to say no to stress.
O: Our feelings play a key role in stress, so focus upon soothing feelings, and feelings that don’t permit stress to enter in the first place.
U: Unchangeable things are often the focus points for stress. Unchangeable things can’t be changed so this is unnecessary stress and you will be more stress free if you accept these aspects of life.


GENDER NEUTRAL: Stress does not hit one gender more than another – in fact it hits all regardless of sex, age, circumstances. It has the potential to hit us all because stress is a fact of life. What we have to do is find ways to stop it arising in the first place and/or having effective ways to de-stress that are constructive and life giving and not destructive of us and society.

The place to be is in a sea of calm and serenity – the exact opposite of most people’s lifestyle today.

Tip 1: You know that calm is better than stress, so you know that you must develop your inner and outer calm. You have to say no to stress.

Have you considered where all the stress comes from? And are your methods of stress relief constructive or destructive? For example, smoking 60 cigarettes a day may relieve a lot of stress but in a few years time may cause more grief and greater stress should your immune system collapse as a consequence.

TIP 2: Look at the causes of your stress. Look at your reactions and look at your coping systems. Do they really work? Are there better ways?

Time is money is one of those expressions that nearly everyone learns off by heart. However, less people know, accept or realize that Time is The Lord’s. Have you ever really thought about the reality that Time is The Lord’s. If not, please ponder upon why Time is The Lord’s.

TIP 3 – Time constraints, deadlines and the lack of time and the passing of time are potential stressors. Another way to look at time is to realize that Time is The Lord’s and to get into the flow of The Lord.


Dust to dust – we are mere dust particles, oxygen and hydrogen in motion.

Who are we? We could not exist but for some scientific process at work in our creation. Take the time to consider and look at all the plants, trees and living creatures. So far the scientists have not been able to create seeds from dust. All living creatures return to Mother Earth.

TIP 4: A realization of what we are and what we will become will help us realize that not everything in our life is so crucial, or at least we know that the people we love will return to where they came from sooner or later. It is crucial to stop stressing about things we cannot change and to be more accepting of these aspects of life.

We continually wonder what role fate plays and what role endeavour plays. As we weather the various challenges before us – we have tests of faith and dents in our confidence about ourselves and the outcome of situations. Take becoming the President: I may be blaming the situation or fate for denying me opportunities. We may not aspire to such lofty heights but we may nevertheless still blame ourselves for missing opportunities that come along the way. It is our feeling towards all these situations that cause us frustration. It is this frustration that causes and creates stress.

Do you blame yourself and/or the situation when things don’t go your way totally? How can you stop this. One way is to think you are a nobody!
TIP 5: You are in reality a nobody. This is said as a realistic assessment of what we all are. It is another way of saying don’t take everything so seriously. It is a fine balance because an element of seriousness in the form of dedication and perseverance is needed to achieve things but it needs to be balanced with acceptance of what the outcome may be.


Emperors, monarchs, princes and peons – not many people really remember them – especially those that lived 2,000 years or more ago. We don’t even know where their graves are? Castles and palaces have come and gone. We are asking you this so that you consider why you are important, but not that important that it is worth getting so upset and stressed out of your mind.


From President to pastry chef – your endeavours will never work if the Lord’s blessings do not furnish you with opportunity, timing, health, and wisdom to make the best use of the opportunities and blessings in your orbit. The worse case scenario is that if one element fails, your plan falls like a deck of cards.


When you consider yourself this way – you are in reality nothing in the huge system of God and our endeavours do not materialize by our hard and repeated thinking.

If nothing matters, why am I here? That is a good question and a question all thinking people should ask themselves.

According to all Holy Scriptures, you and I are sent in this world to be tested for faith in the Lord. “Life is a litmus test of intentions not actions, all else is illusion, so get rid of stress through clarity in the role of self and situation for success and failure, by strengthening your belief in the Lord!” (Nadeem Faraz).

Text credit – the inspiration for this article was after reading an article by Nadeem Faraz. You may like to read Nadeem’s article too -

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