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Stress is detrimental to your health. Although it isn’t always avoidable, the way that you deal with it can add wellness to your life and prevent deadly cardiovascular disease. By simply learning effective stress management techniques and building a wealth of tools that help you deal with the “silent killer,” you’re able to recover from the most difficult scenarios with greater ease.
The following four at-home remedies provide relief quickly and effectively. Best of all, they can be done relatively easily.


Essential oils have multiple uses. They can be applied topically after being diluted with a carrier oil such as coconut oil, inhaled by diffusing them or taken orally if they are high-quality and culinary grade. Oils can also be blended together to create potent stress-relieving remedies that can be used on-the-go, adding value to them due to portability. You can use essential oils at home, work, and even in the car because of their portable nature.

If you use essential oils you want to make sure that you store them in a cool and dark place. Make sure that they are in glass bottles as certain types of essential oils, like lemon, can eat through the plastic. You should also know that now all oils are created equal. The fragrance oils that are used in household cleaners are not essential oils that are pure or therapeutic grade. This means that they may be an oil filled with synthetics that is being used for fragrance only, and that it has synthetic elements to it. This could work well for a mopping cleaner, but not as an ingesting or safe for topical use. Even ones that are safe to ingest like popular peppermint ones used for baking aren’t the same grade or type of oil that you would be using for healing properties. Eating a candy cane will not get rid of a headache even if it has a type of essential oil used for flavor and smell.


You may not have the time to see a professional massage therapist. That doesn’t mean that you can’t initiate healing yourself to on a regular basis. A self-massage with oil helps stimulate the lymphatic system which removes waste from the body, relaxes tense muscles, and improves blood circulation. Using small circular motions, start from your feet and work your way up to your head.

Deep Breathing

Most people are shallow breathers. They don’t get enough oxygen into their lungs which can cause them to feel more stressed out than usual. If you’re the type of person who breathes shallowly, paying close attention to how you breathe helps you settle down quickly. It gives your nervous system a break from all the stress that you’ve been introduced to.


Get a pool or hot tub installed in your home with a pool contractor so that you’re able to benefit from the power of hydrotherapy. Water has the ability to help you forget about your worries and even relax muscles. Warm water, in particular, raises your body temperature which helps you settle down and rest better after a long, stressful day. A dip in the pool or hot tub is all it takes to get you to feel more tranquil and focused.
Build resiliency by having a toolbox of self-care tools and techniques to try at any given moment. You don’t need to allow stress to control your life. Instead, try one of the at-home remedies listed here and note how successful it is in making you feel better about your personal and professional endeavors.

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