When we are in a stressful situation, it is hard for us to respond or react clearly. We are overwhelmed by our emotions or thoughts, and therefore cannot see the situation for what it really is. We make it harder on ourselves because we are not only dealing with the moment at hand, but we are also dealing with our emotional or mental responses. It is easy to do this and very common, yet it doesn’t benefit us in any way. In fact, it makes the situation much worse for us. When moments arise that are stressful, it is important to remember to stay focused on what is really happening. Do not let yourself get carried away by your emotions or your thoughts, for they only add to the problem at hand.

When we are overwhelmed, it is very easy to be overcome by our emotions. We respond to how we feel and this is all we see, and we lose our clarity in the moment. We may even change how we see the moment because of how badly we feel. We can get carried away by our responses and change what is really happening into something we really fear. Altering how we see the moment is a common mistake in stressful moments. When we respond to our emotions instead of the reality of the moment, we tend to blow it out of proportion. The same can be said for our thoughts during stressful times. One would think that with so much going on we would be able to stay focused on what is really happening, but by withdrawing into our mind, we are creating space between us and the crises or stressful situation. When we do this, we are removing our capability of dealing with the moment in a clear and precise way.

When we get carried away emotionally or mentally, we create an even worse situation for ourselves than the one that is at hand. Why do we do this? It is usually because we are not very balanced at that moment. We are thrown by the events around us and are then swayed to the extremes because of the situation. If we could stay grounded and balanced in the event that was occurring, we would not respond so drastically. We would manage the moment with clarity and see it for what it really was. The moment is usually much better than we imagine it to be with unclear thoughts and unbalanced emotions.

When one is clear, then all moments are manageable. We are always capable and have the capacity to stay grounded if we choose to be, for it is a choice. One choice that we tend to quickly make under stress is to feel overwhelmed and stressed out. We make this choice and then let our emotions and thoughts run wild. Imagine the next time that a situation arises that is stressful or overwhelming, you were instead conscious of the idea of keeping yourself grounded and balanced. Imagine not letting your emotions or thoughts overtake you, so you could be clear and present. It may seem hard, but it is doable; the moment will be easier if you make a conscious effort to stay present with it.

If you feel yourself being thrown by your emotions or thoughts, try to focus your energy on bringing yourself back to a more balanced state. And do this first, for you will not be able to cope with the moment until you do so. Clear emotions and thoughts allow you to deal with the moment clearly. That is all there is to it. When a stressful moment occurs, be aware of yourself. Are you responding emotionally or mentally in an unbalanced way to what is happening? If you feel yourself losing your balance, remind yourself to stay present with what is really happening and let your emotions or thoughts go. Let the tension, anxiety, fear, or anything that is pulling you away from being capable and balanced in the moment go. Remind yourself, it is easier to be present with the moment than to be in your mind or in your emotions, and then do so. Deal much more easily with stressful situations by making the choice to be fully present in them.

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