We need to let go of our fears, for often the reason we are so stressed is because we fear a recurrence of our past. We fear what may be, and so our bodies are tense and ready for any outcome. We cannot relax into the moment if we fear our past coming back to us. Even if we seem at ease, are we tense? Are we holding something in that is holding us from being at peace?

When we do not let go of our past, we are holding onto our feelings from that time, and we tend to fear it reoccurring. Why do we do this? Part of it is human nature, this bond we have with our memories, we like to constantly look at what we were, who we were, and who we are today. But what does this do for us? To be at ease in life we must let go of our past and future, so we can be present. We must alleviate our fears which are based solely on our past. Sure we can fear something that has never happened before, but the fears that control us are those we are connected to. If you look back in your life, to the worst times, the most hurtful fear-based moments, how does your body feel when you think of them? Can you feel yourself tensing up with just the memory? We maintain the emotions connected to what was. Why do we hold onto them? Because we fear them, we fear having to relive a past moment. We are under stress because we haven't come to terms with what was. We haven't looked at our experiences honestly and assertively.

Anything you have experienced in your past can be dealt with, looked at, and let go of. When you let go of past experiences, you no longer have to fear them. You no longer have to exist in a state of stress because you have gained the ability to exist in the present. Seems simple and it is. Again, look back in time to a stressful period in your life. Look at how you felt, lived, and experienced it, and then be with it; it is okay because that moment is gone. With assertiveness, look at who you were then, what happened to you, and then let it go. Let it be okay to let that time go; that memory no longer serves you in any way that benefits you. You can let it go. Whatever happened no matter how harmful, with purpose let yourself release that time in your life. Let yourself feel the openness that can flood in to replace that fear. Let your body relax with that moment as well; let the tenseness evaporate and cease to be.

So much is connected to our past. How we tend to be, act, and feel is related to how much we hold onto. We do not need this. We can be who we are now, just as we really are with nothing in the way. By ceasing to relate to our past with fear, we release ourselves into the present. It is one of the steps to self-realization because we are freeing ourselves up to be who we really are. No matter how far back in time you go, think of a time when you were under stress, a moment that was hard for you, and remember. Remember how you felt, what happened, and realize that moment is no longer with you. It is old, unneeded, and unnecessary to carry with you any longer. With your heart open, lay down that moment and let it go. Breath in the freedom of no longer holding onto a time that was hard for you, for that is not where you are any more. Let go of past stress and the present will feel easier for you. You will feel lighter, have a more optimistic approach to life, and realize that it can be easy. Let yourself release your past and your future will no longer be something to fear.

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