Use of Acupoints (Acupressure points) is a great way to de-stress, prevent energy blocks, and keep you energized.

The Ancient Chinese mapped these points and their use eons ago. With the right equipment these days you can see the meridians/channels which have the hundreds of points you can use on the outside of your body. The meridians also have pathways deep within your body which move energy to allow your body to function.

Many of our modern therapies such as EFT, Chiropractic network, Tapping for Health, and others are using acupoints which the Chinese discovered, mapped their position and use so long ago. These ancient theories and practices have continued to used to this day in Qigong, martial arts and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

There are hundreds of points all over your body. Three points people have found particularly easy to access and useful in their daily life are each on a different one of the 14 energy channels flowing through your body. They are the Triple Burner/Warmer, the Pericardium, and the Stomach channels.

To massage these points so energy flows easily and doesn’t get stuck causing physical and other problems use the index or middle finger, or the pads of the thumb, and those two fingers. Apply pressure and massage the point for a few seconds, stop for a few seconds, then apply again.

It is useful to massage the area around the point first so that as the energy is released from the point it can move outwards easily.

If the point is very painful when massaged then massage gently each day gradually increasing pressure each time. When an acupoint is no longer painful when massaged, massage the point as a weekly check up. If you are in doubt then seek more information.

If these points are hurt when pressed they require the energy to be moved. If not cleared energy will stagnate and physical activity and you health will be gradually compromised.

1. Triple Burner/Warmer point 15. TB/TW 15.

This point usually holds a lot of stress as it is in the shoulder areas. It can be strained through overworking that area or tightening the area when using a computer or phone games, driving long distances and repetitive arm action. The TB/TW channel, also known as San Jiao, directs energy to your adrenal glands and this channel is used to keep your immune system strong.

To locate the point.It is on the shoulders, midway between the base of the neck and the outside of the shoulders, 2 cms below the top of shoulder and on the back area of the shoulder. Firm pressure will tell you if it is tight and needs massage. It also relieves nervous tension and stiff necks.

Use finger tips and press firmly and massage as you take three long slow breaths then relax hands. Repeat twice more.

2. Pericardium 6.

This point is in the middle of the inside of your forearm approximately three finger widths down from the wrist crease. It relieves pectoral angina, thoracic bloatedness, stomach pain, nausea and vomiting, restricted movement of the forearm, anxiety, palpitations.
Massage as for TB 15 for 1 minute then repeat on the other arm.

3. Stomach 36. S36.

This point strengthens the entire body, dysfunctions of the digestive system, pain and restricted movement and numbness of the legs and feet. Massage as given for previous points.

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