Epididymitis is a common disease in andrology, but many people don't know much about epididymis. The epididymis is the only way for sperm and the organ that breeds sperm. Therefore, once there is a problem with the epididymis, it may cause male infertility.

Therefore, patients need timely treatment. For acute epididymitis, patients can choose drugs sensitive to bacteria. Usually, after intravenous administration for 1-2 weeks, oral antibiotics for 2-4 weeks to prevent chronic inflammation.

The effect of simple application of drugs in chronic epididymitis is not necessarily ideal. In addition to applying effective broad-spectrum antibiotics, physical therapy such as a local hot compress is also necessary. If there is chronic prostatitis, it must be treated simultaneously. You can choose herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to treat epididymitis and prostatitis effectively.

Suppose antibiotic treatment is ineffective and testicular ischemia is suspected. In that case, epididymal incision and decompression should be performed, and the sheath of the visceral layer of the epididymis should be cut in multiple places vertically or horizontally. Still, the injury to the epididymal canal should be avoided.

Epididymitis can be completely cured as long as it is treated timely and correctly. On the contrary, if men take it lightly and cause epididymitis to not heal for a long time, it will block the lumen of the vas deferens duct in the epididymis due to inflammatory scar adhesion resulting in secondary infertility. More importantly, it will be difficult to recover, resulting in lifelong hatred.

In addition to drug treatment, men need to pay attention to trying to avoid long-term labor and long-time work.

How do men care for epididymitis?

No.1 strengthen exercise

One reason for suffering from epididymitis is that the body immunity is insufficient, so men should strengthen exercise and improve their immunity. Of course, the intensity of exercise should not be too large. Regular aerobic exercise can be used, such as jogging, swimming, etc. It can effectively promote the blood circulation of the testis and epididymis, enhance the metabolism of the epididymis, and effectively promote the better recovery of epididymitis.

No.2 pay attention to hygiene

Suffering from epididymitis, men should first pay attention to their health, such as some public baths, and avoid going to public swimming pools. During suffering from epididymitis, men should pay attention to these sanitary aspects, towels, and other bathing utensils and try not to share them with others to avoid bacterial breeding.

Choosing pure cotton underwear can prevent testicles from being stimulated by unknown materials, resulting in aggravation of inflammation. In addition, during the treatment period, men should do an excellent job in hygiene and cleaning and washing the vulva with warm water every day to ensure that the reproductive organs are dry and prevent bacteria from breeding and aggravating diseases. It is essential to change the laundry in time. And they should also notice the air circulation in the room and clean it in time.

No.3 ensure adequate rest

In ordinary life, males need to ensure that they have enough sleep to have a good mental state and not be vulnerable to diseases. They should avoid fatigue. It is best to stay in bed. If they want to stand and walk, it is best to hold up the scrotum with a cloth support belt to avoid scrotum suspension, resulting in pain and swelling.

No.4 pay attention to diet

For greasy and irritating food, males should try to eat less. Usually eating more fresh fruits and vegetables is their right choice. Men should eat less spicy food and wine. These irritants easily aggravate the symptoms of patients with epididymitis, resulting in epididymal swelling and pain and discomfort in the lower abdomen, perineum, and groin.

Improve the dietary structure and prevent the intake of high cholesterol foods. Encourage to eat less "red meat" (referring to cattle, sheep, and other meat with high cholesterol) and more "white meat" (referring to fish and other meat with low cholesterol), which is of particular significance to prevent the occurrence of benign prostatic hyperplasia.

No.5 have moderate sexual intercourse

Epididymitis is a disease with its pain. It will lead to backache and even fever and cold. Therefore, it is not recommended that some men with epididymitis have sex during the treatment of epididymitis, especially in an acute stage. Otherwise, it will cause congestion and edema of the epididymis and induce disease.

Epididymitis will impact the health and life of patients, so once the disease is confirmed, men should take active treatment. In ordinary life, males need to ensure that they have enough sleep to have a good mental state and will not be vulnerable to diseases.

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