Strength training doesn’t mean bulky muscles and model like chiseled chests, though many of us believe that it’s the same thing as bodybuilding. According to the experts, strength training has unbelievable advantages for normal people who need a better lifestyle and are hoping for decent health.
Most for us know the benefits of aerobics, running, walking and cycling as well as the positive effects that these exercises have on our body. But we are blissfully unaware of the huge benefits that we can attain from strength training.

Strength training is not only about gaining muscle mass and toning your body but its also about making your body fit, active and it has benefits like a better sleeping pattern, stronger immune system better digestion fast metabolism among many others.

Here are a few reasons why its key to a good life:

Healthier and stronger bones:

when you don't use a machine as it should be used on a regular basis then it might rust, same is the case with our bones. They need challenges, they need exercises, and they need a daily workout to stay strong and healthy. Bones are not different than the heart and brain, similar to them; they need workouts to stay sharp and fit. An average human being starts losing bone density when he or she passes the threshold of 30 years. The process is faster in women compared to men. When you start strength training the bones to get stronger, they understand that they need to survive, it becomes more than looking toned and fit.

Keeps Disease at Bay:

Strength training is one way of keeping major diseases away from your body. Diabetics, cancer all these diseases that eat a man from inside won't even look your way if you involve your body in strength training. Like running, that has been proven to boost the heart, keeps you active and young as well as enhances your mental health, strength training works the same magic but with a bit more intensity. A healthy body fights twice as much an average body.

Speeds Metabolism and Fat Reduction:

An active metabolism is the biggest sign of a healthy body. When you have a positive change in your metabolism, you burn fat faster. Take this as an example: fast exercises may raise the temperature of the body faster than strength training but with strength training the burn stays for a long period of time, reducing calories and fat even when you aren’t working out.

Insulin Regulator and Inflammation Reducer:

As it has been stated earlier than it keeps diabetics at bay by regulating the levels of insulin in the body. Strength training also helps when it comes to acid refluxes. Inflammation is a huge cause of many other stomach related problems, and strength training helps you reduce or even eliminate it altogether.

Encourages sleep, enhances better posture, elevates mood as well as energy levels:

Strength training has been reported to have many positive effects on our sleeping pattern. it improves quality of sleep; it helps maintain better posture as well as keeps the person in a very good mood the whole day. Which is a major reason why people keep returning to the gym, as they loved the new pattern of better sleep and elevated mood.

It expands strength as well as endurance:

It’s a no brainer if I’d say that its beings muscle endurance and builds strength. You will be able to go through your normal routine with more energy and zeal. Strength will help you train better, run and walk for longer. It will keep your energy up and tire you less. The overall efficiency of your normal routine will be doubled

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