In this day and age, learning has become simplified with the advent of digitized learning solutions that facilitate content transfer via Internet-based platforms. A LMS (Learning Management System) is a unique solution that can easily streamline the learning infrastructure of any organization and ensure seamless knowledge transfer between all levels of the corporation. An integrated solution can easily take care of all learning and teaching requirements of corporate students without any hassles at the most cost effective rates.

In the context of corporate users, a customizable solution is ideal since it can be easily tweaked to incorporate more tools that assist in making learning easier and fun for the students. The integrated LMS (Learning Management System) available in the market today comes with a wide variety of features that contribute to an enhanced learning experience. Through a customizable solution, users can access all the tools they need on a regular basis and eliminate the ones that are not required. This helps optimize the user interface for easy file sharing, content transfer and student evaluation, thereby improving the turnaround time of the session. Users can choose between a host of productivity-enhancing, utility-increasing features that make the LMS an indispensable tool for any organization.

One such tool is social learning, which involves integration of the LMS with a social networking website to promote learning among the students. Advanced solutions can be integrated with Facebook, the world's largest social networking website, to deliver lessons via simply logging in. Users can sign into their Facebook accounts to start the training session and access the required content from the whole catalog made available by the teachers. They can keep a track of the courses they have finished and rate the same conveniently. This type of interactive learning solution also enables learners to suggest the solution to their friends as well without ever logging out of the site.

Such a social learning experience ensures that the drop out rate of the students is considerably lower than that of any other medium of instruction. Moreover, learners adopt such a model more easily, since it enables them to continue using Facebook, the most popular social networking website across all demographics. With more friends being added to the group of learners, users can access new avenues of delivering lessons. Now, this interactive learning solution is also extending its reach to the popular professional networking website LinkedIn, which will present the same benefits, albeit in a more corporate environment.

With such benefits of online learning management solutions, it is no wonder that these are being preferred for conducting lessons nowadays in the corporate sector. Considering the corporate environment of learning, the LMS (Learning Management System) has to be secure. The robust infrastructure of such solutions ensures that data cannot be accessed by unauthorized parties. Moreover, the reliable framework makes it more stable, thus allowing to deliver multiple content on a vast scale. Since it is scalable in nature, the number of students attending the lesson can be increased or decreased easily at any point of time, thereby making it appropriate for organizations of all sizes.

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Gireesh Sharma is an author writing on Human Resource Management. His expertise includes LMS (Learning Management System), interactive learning and other Learning & Development matters.