Strawberry seeds not like grape seeds or many other fruit seeds grow inside of the fruit but on the surface, which couldn’t stop its being nutrient for our health. The latest research shows that strawberry seeds or more literally strawberry achenes carry a majority of the bioactive antioxidant compounds of the whole fruit. We overlooked the fact in the past.

Antioxidant in food is far less than the amount our bodies need to perform normally or better, but they also count in our general health. Besides they may inspire our scientific researches to mimic the nutrients by synthesis or finding other replacements to achieve the same health effect.

Researchers from Italy and Spain made the discovery and published in a paper titled Strawberry Achenes Are an Important Source of Bioactive Compounds for Human Health with open access.

In the paper they pointed out that achenes acounting for less than 1% of a whole strawberry’s total weight is the main source of health benefit substances. Compared with the flesh, achene brings 41% general nutrients and more than 81% active antioxidants including phenolic compounds, flavonoids, anthocyanins and so on.

More significantly, the nutrients that still play a positive role after digestion are released more from achenes, which lays a solid foundation for the health benefits function of achenes. The paper flagged the direction for latter strawberry breeding-more seeds type.

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