You may be able to stopspending unnecessary dollars month after month on your medical coverage policy. You might be able to use certain tricks and get a lower coverage rates. Combining your family's insurance coverage and a getting a combined singe policy may be the most cost effective approach. However frequently families will do better with two or more separate plans.

Here are some of the scenarios in when buying separate individual health care insurance plans might be more cost effective include when you need to insure:

A parent and one kid

A family needing pregnancy insurance

An adult or adults over 49 needing coverage for a kid

Families where the wife or husband is older by ten years or more

Usually when an insurance policy or any other thing seems almost the same as another thing yet costs much less, it is a clue that the value or quality is different. This is usually true with health care coverage, however in many cases it is not. Sometimes the difference in price says more about the way the insurance carrier calculates their rates than it does about the quality of the coverage.

Getting different health insurance policies does have a potential downside. In some plans there are limitations on deductibles and other cost shares when family members are insured on the same plan. These down sides need to be weighed against any premium savings you get by placing your family members on separate policies.

The reason that buying separate or individual medical care policies is a less expensive strategy for certain families is that health care insurance company calculate their prices using different methods. This means that certain families will get a better premium with certain calculation methods.

Some insurers will calculate the premium for each family member and just add those prices together to determine the premiums for a family. Other times a company will calculate the cost based on the age of the younger spouse. Other insurers will determine the rate based on the age of the older spouse.

If carriers determine premiums for their medical policies based on the age of the older adult and the number of people to be insured, buying healthcare coverage for one child and a adult can mean that you pay the same rate for the child as one would pay for an adult. The only way to pay the lower child rate for the child is to get the child a separate health insurance policy. A family like this may pay less buying separate insurance policies or by buying a plan where the prices are determined for each member of the family separately.

Families that want pregnancy coverage will often save money by covering the future mother-to-be by herself. Many of the health coverage plans that include pregnancy benefits will include other benefits that other family members will not need.

Parents in their fifties and sixties who have kids often pay more when they cover their entire family on the same plan.

Some insurance companies will determine a rate based on the older spouse's age. Some companies calculate their prices based on the age of the younger spouse. Shop around if there's ten years or more between the age or you and your spouse.

Large families will usually save money by buying one policy and with a carrier that offers a family rate. Carriers that calculate their rates by adding together the prices for each family member together can cost them too much.

It is important that you shop around when searching for medical care insurance. Different company use different methods of determining prices. You may be pleasantly surprised at the price you find when you look at other health care coverage company's rates.

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