In a typical scenario in a company, the sales department tends to strive hard to achieve both customer satisfaction as well as the sales. In such a scenario, the term 'sales effectiveness' is of the utmost importance. It is important to acknowledge the fact that one has to be prompt and extremely fast in closing the sale otherwise it gets lost. What you require are strategies, which are proved to be effective in closing the deal and increase your effectiveness to a great extent. Here are a few strategies, which have worked well in the past and are known to have affected sales effectiveness in a very positive fashion.

Know your customer:
It is imperative that you know your customer well. This knowledge will not come in a day's time and may take a while before you master it. If you approach a customer when he is in the best of his moods, chances are that you might be able to strike a deal. This will affect the sales effectiveness for you.

Follow and nurture the leads generated:
The leads generated are of the utmost importance as also to develop and nurture them. Time is of the essence and if you fail in closing the sale deal then the customer will ask your competitor to do so. Hence, it is imperative for you to take care of the leads generated also as promptly as you receive them.

Use prime selling time:
In order to increase your sales effectiveness, make sure that you use prime time. By this term, we mean the time when potential customer is able to spend maximum time with you and does not have other pressing assignments waiting to be completed.

Establish a dialogue:
Establishing a rapport is imperative in closing the sale. This will help you to form a mental bond or connect with the customer so that you are able to find out as to why the customer is not buying the product or services from you.
The strategies enumerated above are to increase sales effectiveness. This can be done in your practical life and believe us when we say that your existing customers can bring in a huge number of customers without you having to toil even a wee bit. All you need to do is to take care while you are in the process of closing the sale. Once this is done, you tend to set in action a process wherein your commitment towards the work and effect of the product will take precedence. Your work will prove to be sole attraction for more customers to join you and this increase your sales effectiveness.

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