Gone are those days when creating a website with some basic information about the company ensured its success. In present time presentation matters a lot in web development business, therefore to succeed in an online business it is essential that your website is well designed and developed. Website Design plays a crucial role in its success as a well designed website ensures the brand credibility. If your website is not properly developed and designed there are high chances that your website visitors might leave your website instantly, increasing your website's bounce rate.

Wordpress is a great platform to develop any website as this amazing CMS is stuffed with plethora of themes and plugins. These plugins and themes can super charge your website and increase its efficiency by many folds. But it is very essential that you choose them very cautiously. Choosing plugins and themes requires thorough research and needs analysis as a wrong choice can ruin your website, leading to its failure. So here are a few WordPress development strategies that will help you create website using this amazing CMS in an easy and effective manner:

For Plugins: Plugin Conventions
WordPress developers' prior commitment is that the plugins should not be dependent on themes feature nor should they impose any of their stylesheets or JavaScripts onto the existing theme except for their own specific feature.

Above all, there are two ways to develop plugins:

1. The Plugin API
2. The Widget API

Keeping in mind these two methods of plugin development you can employ strategies to make sure that the stylesheets, JavaScript, images, and other assets don't conflict with the existing theme.

Don't Mix and Match
While writing plugins several APIs make it an easy task of mixing and matching the languages that you use to build your plugin. This means that it is quite easy to include all JavaScripts, PHP, styles, and HTML in a single file.

Separation of Concerns
Make sure that each set of stylesheet and JavaScript files is named clearly and follows the perfect structure of naming the administrative-specific code that is already fixed with the admin or public-specific code with display.

This strategy not only helps you in optimization but also maintains issues once your work starts getting viral.

Following the above mentioned WordPress development strategies, you will surely seek a growth in your career as well as in your development projects.

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