Halloween is a festival full of festive, creative and imaginative appreciation for people of all ages. You see little ghosts on the street ordering Halloween costumes and scary makeup and candy. Decorate the house with pumpkin carvings and build the garden into a beautiful place to enjoy the dreaded nightlife. But before you get into the party mood, you need to know many Halloween rules.

Here are 10 weird Halloween laws you should remember to have a fun-filled Halloween:
No Mask:
If you are under 16 in Dublin, Georgia, you cannot go public with a mask. Since 1800 there have been laws that prohibit the wearing of masks. In Walnut Creek, California, no one can wear a public mask without the sheriff's permission.

Illegal to Wear Clown Costumes
Years later, there were problems with clowns in Vendragues, France. It is now illegal to wear a Halloween costume or clown make-up if you are over 12 years old.

No Trick-or-Treat
You can't make Halloween candy in Belville, Missouri if you're in the middle or third grade. The trick or treatment is for children only.

Don’t Dress Like a Priest
You can't dress like a priest in Alabama on Halloween or any other day. Under Alabama law, you can be arrested or fined if you dress as a clergyman.

No Halloween Celebrations on Sunday
In Rehoboth, Delaware, you can't celebrate Halloween on October 31 when it falls on a Sunday. Tricks or treats are scheduled for October 30 between 6:00 and 18:00. You can pay up to $ 150.

Silly String Prohibited
The use, sale, possession or distribution of stupid items is prohibited in Hollywood, California, from October 31st to noon until November 1st at noon. A $ 1,000 fine can be charged.

No Mustache in Church
You can't wear a mustache when you go to a Halloween party in Alabama because it can make people laugh when it's fun. This law prohibits wrong hair. Remember to wear a church mustache costume for Halloween.

Entry Barred If You Are Wearing a Costume
California private companies or stores may refuse entry even October 31, if you wear a suit. According to them, it is forbidden for everyone to wear a suit.

No Corsets for Women
Women are not allowed to wear corsets in Maryville, Missouri. Remember this when you try to figure out what to wear for Halloween.

Halloween Illegal
Jordan's country has made Halloween and its parties illegal. You cannot celebrate or attend a Halloween party.

Make sure you know the laws of Halloween in your area, so as not to break them consciously and really enjoy this party.

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!

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