Everyone has a story to tell. Some of the stories that make up your existence are empowering and very uplifting, some create shackles that keep you stuck where you are. Woven within your stories are your beliefs, which create your reality.

A popular pastime is to carry stories around like a badge of honour, bringing them out in a show-and-tell fashion as a means of defining our reality. Expressing past experiences is a good start to the process of clearing pain from past traumatic events. However, when this story is told over and over again it only reinforces your belief system and creates your reality, by digging a deeper grove into your neuropathways. Most do this unconsciously, without realising that they are just keeping stuck in the groove they desire to be free from. They can change their stories, create new stories and unplug from the matrix, the treadmill of life that keeps going around and around.

You get attached to your stories without being aware that they keep you from changing your life. They will hold you in a comfort zone, the grey zone, where you are never too happy or too sad, giving you a ‘Ground Hog Day’ experience, day after day.

Your internal bio-computer is programmed from your stories and beliefs, and this is what you become. It’s not a matter of waiting for the wind to change direction or for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow: everyone knows you never get there. It’s about telling a new story, choosing a new design, so that you create what you want. When you build a house, you do it in stages. The first thing that happens is that either you or an architect design it, then draws up the plans and from there the building takes place.

The average person spends a great deal of time consulting their ‘mental guru’ in an attempt to figure out their problems, hoping to make improvements in their life. This in itself becomes a story that gets in the way of really knowing what’s going on, or more importantly understanding it. The only reason you will want to figure out your old issues again is because you are planning to hang onto them. Nothing remotely positive can come from rehashing old ground.

One of the most powerful ways to dissolve the issues you struggle with, is to let go of wanting to figure them out. Morbid analysis only serves to hold onto that which you desire to be rid of. You have this problem and you will start to wonder why you do, what it means about you and why it is there. You will often create all sorts of explanations about why, and yet you still have the same problem. When you have had a true insight about any problem, and taken steps to transmute the underlying feelings, it simply disappears.

So all the reasons why you have the problem are simply excuses to hold onto it. They become your life stories. This act of justification only strengthens the stories and embeds them deeper. The more you tell the story to yourself and others, the bigger the stronghold it will have in your system, the more you will become it and the harder it is to let it go.

0n the other hand there is nothing wrong with understanding your patterns. I’m not suggesting that you don’t have insights. I am just advising that you stop chasing them. When you are willing to let go of wanting to figure out the problem with your mind, the answers come. But when you are trying to figure it out, it acts as a barrier to that knowing. The answers come from your heart, not your head. There is a big difference.

Energy is always moving and changing. It takes one form, then another, but it never stands still. Everything we see, hear, taste, touch, or smell is in a constant state of change. In fact change is all there is.

People sometimes say, "Let's wait until the dust settles after all this change before we do anything" or "I just want this change to hurry up and be over so I can get back to normal". They don't understand that change itself is what's normal.

Every cell in your body is replaced in less than a year. You aren't even the same physical person you were a year ago. You can go back to your old house or your old town, but it
won’t be the same, you won’t be the same, and your relationship with it won’t be the same as it was. In fact, the whole world as we know it is gone the moment we know it!

To embrace and leverage change, ask yourself: what stories am I hanging on to in my life that no longer serve me?

Letting go of your stories will mean creating a space within you for the new to come in. It may mean you going into the void, a space of nothingness and infinite potential, for a period of time in preparation for the new. You can’t just layer the new over the old. You need to clear a space for the new to come into being. You may have to go through some discomfort, and this is the step that most fear. Let go of the fear of the unknown. When you understand the process it becomes much easier and you can move through it without taking the phenomena that may arise for you personally. Courage often comes before joy, so the discomfort is well worth it. Just apply effort, perseverance and courage.

For anyone who feels that they can’t change, its well worth remembering that you stopped using nappies because you became toilet trained. Nature hates a void so when you focus on what you want, allowing yourself to let go of the old and step into the void, you will create a better future for yourself.

Author's Bio: 

Jenny Parker is a student of the world. She has had many adventures as a student of life in her quest to find the beauty of self, from riding across the Nullabor (the stark, treeless plain between Perth and Adelaide in south western Australia) to sailing half-way around the world on a yacht. She has had many careers, including a design business in London, England. For the past 11 years Jenny has been officially working as a healer, writer, Ascension Mentor and teacher and inspirational speaker and is currently living in Perth, Australia. She has developed her own unique way of working which melds mind/body/soul mechanics. She’s passionate about all aspects of the ascension path, especially uncovering psychological clarity in self so to return to the authenticity of self, and helping others to do the same. Jenny’s vision is the transformation of humanity to compassion and joy, and the restoration of planetary health. She shares that, “My mission is to fully embody heart mastery and wisdom on all levels of my being, and to inspire others to do the same.” In her own playful way, she creates laughter and a brighter outlook where ever she goes. For more info go to http://www.heartforce.com.au or email jenny@heartforce.com.au