In a village nestled in the mountains, there lived two dogs named Sheru and Tommy in a large mansion of Chaudhary Sahib.

Both of those dogs were very attached to each other. There was no rest without seeing each other. Sometimes playing with each other and sometimes licking each other.
Running all day and running around, sometimes rolling on green grass, sometimes racing with flying birds.

Sometimes going back to the market after Chaudhary Sahib, sometimes if you do not have mind, then keep your eyes closed. With the other dogs of the village, sometimes go out towards the forest and sometimes play a game like a flock. There was no worry about eating and drinking. They used to get a lot of food from the mansion. Due to the healthy environment of the village, both were flourishing. Days were just spent in fun.

One day Chaudhary Sahib's son Surinder decided to go to the city. When the father asked him to take Sheru with him, he agreed. The next day in the morning when the luggage was being stowed away in a motor vehicle parked outside the house, both Sheru and Tommy rushed there. Both wanted to roam in it. But Chaudhary's son repelled him. Both were very disappointed. By now the goods had been stored. Chaudhary's son Surinder grabbed Sheru and sat in the car and the car started moving.

Hey, what happened, Sheru went for a walk and I remained behind. This thinking Tommy also started running in the back of the car. After running away, he returned to the mansion with a very sad heart. All day, all night he waited for Sheru to return. But who would explain that Sheru had gone to the city.

Now Tommy's heart started to get depressed. She did not like anything without Sheru. Neither goes to play, nor to have fun with the dogs. Eating delicately till food. He would miss Sheru very much and he would cry.

Days passed and then a few months later Chaudhary Sahib's son returned to the village with Sheru. Tommy was very happy with him. Both hugged each other and kept playing for a long time. Both were very happy. Tommy eagerly wanted to know about the city when Tommy's eyesight went to a leash tied around Sheru's neck. Hey what is this?
When asked, Sheru told that in the city, I am tied up and kept in a rakha. Only in the house can I roam open. This strap is in my neck whenever I go out.

There is neither friendship with other dogs nor running in the open air. Just stay at home all day. When someone's heart kicks me, I take out my leash. Brother, I considered myself lucky that I came to the city. But after a few days, the life of the dusty city ruined my whole life. Saying this, both of them hugged each other and wept for a long time.

The next morning, Chaudhary Sahib opened the leash of Sheru, as his son did not like the run of the city. Sheru will no longer go to the city.
What was it then, Tommy and Sheru, as if life had been donated.

What is the city and what is the village, it is always painful to get away from your loved ones. We always need more love with our friends, family members.

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Hello Everyone, I am George I have written Many stories for kids as well as for the people to succeed the people in their life this story is about two dogs,