There are famous jewels that have its origin in India, one of them being Kohinoor.

Any piece of jewellery either big or small is significant not only the money spends on it but it is priceless because the sentiment attach to that piece of metal. It becomes more special and alluring if that jewellery has diamond embed in it. As the saying goes that diamond is women’s best friend, but that does not mean diamond fails to allure men, as a particular gender. Diamonds or be it any jewels have attracted all mankind irrespective of any categorization, it is favourite of all men and women, rich and pauper, be it any other division. Today with the option of online shopping of diamond jewellery in India, purchase of diamond has got enormous boost.

India is the land of jewels and jewellery, it has not only been the intrinsic part of the culture and tradition of the country. Some of these are world renowned, and these jewels give a stature to the country on the world forum. One of these is the Kohinoor diamond, which is currently of the jewel Crown of the British Empire. Supposedly the diamond was mined in the Golconda region of the central India. The diamond originally was of 793 carat and then belongs to Kakatiya dynasty. However over the year it was annexed by the British during their colonial rule and was shipped to Britain. Currently, India has been demanding the diamond back on the basis of its claim on it. However British Monarch’s seems to refuse the proposal. There are some of the interesting facts that encompass this famous diamond:

  • The diamond was not only taken away by the British but was also snatched by Nadir Shah when he invaded India. It was he who had taken the diamond to Iran. The Persia rule Nadir Shah took it from it’s the then owner Mohammed Shah, a Mughal rule in 1739. In fact the name ‘Kohinoor’ was given to the diamond by Nadir Shah, which means ‘mountain of light’.
  • It was one of grandson of Nadir Shah, Shah Sujha who escaped to India due to family feud along with the diamond Kohinoor. In 1800, the Kohinoor was handed to Raja Ranjit Singh by Shah Sujha as a payment for his protection. However, in 1849, during the Anglo-Sikh war British captured the diamond and then onwards Queen Victoria I and her linages.
  • In 1850, Queen Victoria decided to re-cut and re-shape the diamond to add luster and sheen to it. It is in this process that the diamond size was lessen to the present size of 108 carats.
  • The diamond supposedly had a curse that “Only God and women could wear with impunity” and it seems to be standing true. The diamond remained without any harm with the British Royal family as it was only worn by the women.

Whether or not India is getting back the diamond, it is not going to have its impact on the growing dependency on online shopping of diamond jewellery in India.

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