A handheld timepiece designed to measure the length of time that elapsed between it started to the time when the piece stopped is called a stop watch. Many stop watches function as cell phones, computers, digital wristwatches and portable music players. In place of the traditional mechanical time piece, digital electronic stopwatches are used.

In about all sports, a reliable stopwatch is essential to enable the best way of timing your athletes and getting only accurate measurement needed. A good stopwatch will accurately time the laps of your runnier, sprint times of your football player and lap time of your swimmer. It’s a tool that every good coach needs to help their athletes get from where they are to where they need to be.

Look for this before buying your stop watch

Oval shape with squared corners is the ideal shape. To be able to withstand the punishment endured by a stop watch; its shell must be rugged using cover made of hard plastic or durable rubber. Display must be large and easily readable at a glance. Since you are exposed to sunlight, get one that has some kind of anti-glare feature. Basic feature is the ability to simply take cumulative times, or counting up from zero. Stop watches count hours, minutes, seconds, and 1/100 of a second, plus attain accuracy to within 1/100 of a second. As reminder of previous split and lap times, a memory recall is needed. Some extras features are being able to double as clock and calendar, so it can show you the time of day and the date. Lithium batteries in stop watches can last for years.

Mechanical and digital stop watches and the basic types of stop watches.

Mechanical Stopwatches are similar to a pocket watch with an analogue face. Due to the modern look, they are more popular over digital one. They don’t need batteries to operate. However, they are sometimes not as accurate as digital stopwatches and subject to errors in time and speed measurement. Good sample of a mechanical type is One Tigris Diamond Sport Mechanical durable Timer Analogue Stopwatch.

The Digital stopwatches are more accurate with advanced features with sporty and trendy look. Available in both basic and advanced models, the basic timer is used for general training and the price is very affordable. Its basic functions are start, stop and reset. As measure time, its accuracy is one hundredth of a second. This is best used by runners - coaches and referees in athletic games. As a water resistant device, it can be used in all types of weather conditions. Ultrak 360 Stopwatch is a sample of digital stop watches.


Stopwatch is the time keeper that lets you know exactly how long you have been working at something, As invaluable aid, some stopwatches are designed to store information which can be retrieved at a later time for comparison sake or for helpful referencing. There are a number of stopwatches on the market that can assist you in the ways that would be most beneficial to your particular needs.

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