So much time is wasted worrying about what could go wrong in public speaking that the tremendous opportunities provided by speaking to an audience are often overlooked. No matter what your reason for speaking – be it a requirement of your job; be it the chance to introduce your new business, service, or product to the community; be it a requirement of your presentation skills class; be it an occasion to present yourself as a political candidate – public speaking is a golden opportunity. The results from any 4 of these scenarios could be a promotion, success for your business, an A on your speech, or winning the election.

Your fear is understandable especially if you are a novice in public speaking. And, admittedly, something could go wrong. What if you forget your material while giving your presentation? What if your mind goes blank? What if the audience laughs at you instead of with you? Admittedly, these are all possibilities in public speaking. What is fascinating about the fears you may have over your upcoming presentation is that the chances are very good that your WHAT IF's are not likely to occur if you are well prepared.

In public speaking, I have certainly forgotten my place on a few occasions. The 1st time it happened, I stopped, looked at the audience, took a deep breath, and admitted that I had lost my train of thought. It was at that moment that I suddenly remembered where I had been and how I should continue. It was a most eye-opening experience because I didn’t die, I didn’t get embarrassed, the crowd did not laugh at me, and, I was able to continue. I did not let it throw me, upset me, or shake my confidence. Mistakes happen. They are unavoidable and the sooner you can accept that likelihood, the better off you will be.

I also learned a good lesson when that happened to me. Honestly is definitely the best policy, especially in public speaking! By taking that deep breath and admitting my error, I was able to relax and focus very quickly on how to continue instead of standing there, embarrassed by my lost train of thought.

If you spend your life constantly worrying about the WHAT IF's, then you are not risking anything. And, without some risks, life becomes stagnant, boring, and mediocre. The same holds true for public speaking. Admittedly, not everyone can stand in front of an audience and speak. Which category would you prefer to be in however? The one who is willing to take the chance and succeed or the one who would rather die than risk it? Why not stop worrying about the WHAT IF's and instead start focusing on the WHY NOT's?

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