Worrying feeds fears and doubts. Worrying wastes time and consumes energy. Worrying weakens ambition and breeds inaction. Worrying will cripple our confidence, faith, and ability to reason. Worrying kills the ability to think big and reveals an inability to control one’s thoughts. Worrying is the first step towards failure and limits our potential. And yet, ironically, worrying is at times necessary, can be a protection, and is found within everybody. Unfortunately, the ability to discipline and train the mind how to stop worrying is found in so few, and yet, it is so important. Thankfully, the learned attribute of not worrying is controllable, can be overcome, and is one of the foundational secrets to achieve our goals, dreams, successes in life, and reach our full potential.

In order to actually think big, believe more, and act now, we need to stop worrying. Stop worrying about things that are out of your control. Stop worrying what others think and say about you. Stop worrying about your own fears, weaknesses, inabilities, doubts, and previous failures. Stop worrying about unimportant things, people, news, information, and all the other situations happening around you that are not worth your time and energy to think about. In fact, you need to worry less about the very things you actually need to worry about! To reach our full potential and accomplish our goals and dreams in life, we need to think big, think differently, be creative, control our thoughts, and take action – and the more we worry, the less we accomplish.

Easier said than done, right! Understanding why we need to stop worrying is perhaps not the problem – it is how to stop worrying that is the difficulty. Below are listed 8 essential tips on how we can actually stop worrying and start accomplishing our goals and dreams in life. However, even an understanding of the how is not enough – we must also believe the how’s are possible to achieve, and then actually implement and do what is suggested below:

1)Stop Worrying About the Fruits & Start Focusing on the Roots: Each of us fall victim to spending too much time thinking, dreaming, and worrying about the end result and do not put in the effort to achieve that result. That end result, or ‘fruit’ has many names: financial independence or retirement, promotion or position, award or certificate, wealth or time freedom, knowledge or talent, dream or goal being realized, etc. Like any tree, the ‘fruit’ will not be produced unless and until the ‘roots’ are nourished. Those ‘roots’ are: hard work, daily action, faith and belief, overcoming fear and doubt, persistence and never quitting, etc.

2)Worrying Blinds Opportunity: The most recent recession in the U.S. serves as a perfect example of masses of people unnecessarily worrying about news and events that are out of their control; all the while, a select brilliant few see the ‘doom and gloom’ as an incredible opportunity to make money and achieve success. These optimistic people who have not only learned how to stop worrying, but actually don’t have time for it, have realized that opportunities come before they are prepared and leave before they realize it. They likewise know that had they been worrying during those times, their minds would have been clouded and distracted which would have resulted in them not being able to see and recognize opportunities when they came. Perhaps even more importantly than not worrying – they put forth action!

3)Live in the Now: Wise was the person who penned: “yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift – that is why it is called the present.” Living in the now will accomplish far more than worrying about the failed yesterdays and the unachieved tomorrows will ever produce. We must stop waiting for future events to come and heal our present day problems, for when those events come, they become the present problems and we go on waiting for future remedies. Stop worrying about what was and what will be, and start living today and accomplishing great things by acting now.

4)Develop Discretionary Ignorance: There are just certain things in life that you do not need to know about, dwell upon, or worry over. From the bombardment of news, to the unending gossip, to useless information, to situations and circumstances that are out of your control, to even what others think or say about you – you must develop the ability to be ignorant about things that do not matter. Am I referring to current events, educational knowledge, or even caring about others and what is going on? Of course not. However, there are certain things that you must choose to be ignorant about – those things, events, people, and information that don’t matter and are out of your control – because your success depends upon it.

5)Focus on Solutions, Not Problems: Wise is the leader, employer, or parent who teaches others to bring them solutions to the problem – not just the problem. Not only is this ability important for their development and is a wise delegation technique, it eliminates the majority of unnecessary worry and stress and allows them excess time and mental abilities to focus on solving the problem and actually accomplish much more. Achieving success depends upon developing the ability to worry less and focus on solutions, not problems.

6)You Don’t Have Time to Worry: Success does not wait for anyone. Dreams are not achieved as a result of procrastination. Goals are never accomplished when idle minds and actions fill our time. The more you worry, the less you act – the less you act, the more you fail. And if part of your worrying includes the excuse that you do not have time – the reality is that you do not make time.

7)Who Cares What Others Say & Think: The moment you develop the ability to not worry what others say and think about you, it is then that you have unlocked the key to achieving your potential. There will always be people who doubt you and your abilities – unfortunately, many of these people are your closest friends or they actually share your last name. Develop the ability to train your mind to ignore the nay-sayers, the dream-busters, and the opinions of others. Ironically, it is these same people who often epitomize the definition of mediocrity because they have never learned how to dream big, take risks, and put in the effort necessary to achieve their own goals and dreams.

8)Stop Comparing, Overcome Your Inferiority Complex, & Be You: You will never be perfect, and neither will anyone else. Your talents and abilities, past history and circumstances, and dreams and potential are different than anyone else – and these are not liabilities, they are assets. Be you, and be proud of that! Realize that your dreams and goals don’t have to mirror the accomplishments and successes of others, nor should anyone else define what ‘dreaming big’ for you means. You ‘dream big’ for you, and remember that in order to ‘be big’ you have to stop worrying about others’ dreams and accomplishments and cease comparing your different and unique talents to theirs.

Our successes, full potential, and the accomplishment of our dreams and goals are dependent upon the ability to stop worrying. The only problems, limitations, and stresses in life are the ones we create, believe, and nourish within our own minds. And always remember that the only time that worrying is actually good is when it initiates action to change and achieve!

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