Ah, the holiday rush is here. Parties and shopping. Decorations and Christmas caroles. Less than three weeks till Christmas and full steam ahead!

Thus begins my weekly trip to the grocery store. Jenna, my two-year old, hums “Jingle Bells” from the backseat. The route from our house brings us past the purple and white banners of Texas Christian University, home of the mighty Horned Frogs.

Jenna and I have a special game we play on this stretch of Berry Street. Whenever she sees the flags adorned with the purple toad, she squeals, “Go, Frogs, go!” She’ll cheer on anyone wearing a purple frog, or practicing on the campus soccer fields. “Go, Frogs, go! Go, Frogs, go! Go, Frogs, GO!!!”

But today was different.

I interrupted her Christmas medley by pointing to the purple signposts and declaring, “Look, Jenna! Go, Frogs, go!”

With a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye, my angel retorted, “Stop, Frogs, stop!”

I had to laugh. In the midst of my holiday “go, go, GO,” I felt her compassion for those overly driven toads. Yes, it seemed like perhaps a lovely idea, here in the midst of the holiday rush, to take her advice and take the time to STOP.

That’s why I’ve taken a pledge this year. From here through Christmas, I promise to take time each day to take a break from the holiday bustle. I promise to catch my breath long enough to feel the magic of the season. I will savor the beauty of seeing Christmas through the eyes of a 2-year old. I will enjoy the smell of the pine needles on my Christmas tree, and taste the decadence of the marshmellows in my hot cocoa.

There is a time to ”Go!” and a time to “Stop!” Wishing you the blessing of both this holiday season.

Author's Bio: 

Mindy Audlin is the founder of The What If Up Club and president of The Global Peace Project. Join her in taking The Holiday Peace Pledge at www.holidaypeacepledge.com