We often hear mythical advertising offers about fast and easy weight loss. When reading these tempting promises it is logical to ask yourself: "What do specialists think about it? How to get rid of this unwanted excess weight and not harm yourself?"

According to the recommendations of World Health Organization (1998) it is not advisable to try to reach complete normalization of patient's weight when treating obesity. Fast weight loss is not healthy and lost pounds are quickly coming back again.

As WHO advises, it is enough to decrease your body mass by 5-10% during first 6 months. It is very important to not only lose pounds, but also prevent gaining them back in the future.

This effect, when lost weight comes back again, is called weight cycling. It can drive overweight people to despair. Such "yo-yo" effect is the result of drastic change in nutritional system and body's reaction to stress caused by fast metabolism change and quick weight loss.
"Dieting is the worst idea for people who want to lose weight - says Linda Bacon, nutrition professor and clinical psychotherapist in her book "Health at every size", diet is the shortest way to weight gain".

British nutritionist Zoe Harcombe in her book "The Obesity Epidemic" states that counting calories every day only "helps" gain more weight. She says that such formula as "eat less, exercise more" is extremely harmful for health. She is also sure that human biochemistry is much more complicated than we are used to think and that's why it's almost impossible to invent single diet formula that would be suitable for everyone.

So, where is the solution? What else is necessary for natural and safe improvement of metabolism and weight loss? Those who try to count calories should remember that all this is useless if there is no oxygen. If cells don't get enough oxygen, metabolism slows down and the fat is not being burned. In order to burn just 1 g of fat, it takes almost 0,5 gal of oxygen!

Does this mean our bodies need more oxygen? Yes! How can we get it? By aerobic trainings? Yes, but aerobic exercises are such exercises when heart rate reaches 140-160 beats a minute. Such exercise load is not recommended for people with excess weight, they simply may not be physically ready for them. Overweight people often suffer from shortness of breath and other respiratory problems.

So when talking about metabolism normalization in people with excess weight we must remember about such important factor as oxygen exchange. To improve oxygen exchange we first need to improve lung functioning. Breathslim® technology can be the best solution here as it improves lung ventilation and brings more oxygen to the cells, but muscles are relaxed and additional oxygen is used to burn excess fat. This "oxygen diet" improves the main metabolic factor and works in a natural way without bringing stress to the body and completely eliminates weight-cycling effect.

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