Quality sleep has a significant impact on life. It gives more energy, improves mood, promotes happier relationships, and better skin. Additionally, good sleep lessens the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, type-2 diabetes, and obesity. All these are enough to emphasize the importance of getting quality sleep. Below are mistakes you should stop to enjoy better sleep.

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Keeping screens and LEDs from the bedroom

Devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets should be turned off 90 minutes before going to bed. These give off blue light that has a stimulatory effect. Darkness makes the body to release melatonin, a sleep hormone. Keeping such devices in the room inhibits the production of this hormone making you unable to fall asleep. A better way to stay relaxed in bed is to read a book or magazine instead of checking social media on your phone.

Poor mattress choice

It pays to have a quality mattress matching your sleep position. A mattress that doesn’t fit your sleep position significantly affects your sleep quality. Sleeping in a poor position puts a strain on the neck and makes the arm or hip numb taking a toll on sleep. You’re likely to move more frequently while sleep and getting less deep sleep and low energy on waking up. Not having good sleep is likely to make you grumpy the next day.

Sleeping on an old mattress

A mattress can last for about 5 to 7 years but eventually need replacement. When you’ve been sleeping on your mattress for about 5 years, it’s less likely to be comfortable. If you notice your current mattress sagging, with lumps, or protruding springs, it’s time to buy mattress in Dubai to replace the old one. A new mattress comes with modern technology, healthier, eco-friendly, and offers better spine support. Sleeping on an old mattress puts you at risk of allergies and bed bugs that significantly affect your health.

Lacking a sleep habit

It’s important to sleep on a new mattress that matches your sleep position. However, getting a good night’s sleep requires having a routine. This is the trick to a more rejuvenating sleep. In today’s busier and fast-paced lifestyle, quality sleep is diminishing every day. A sleep routine will make drifting off into relaxing and restorative sleep more possible than you’ve ever imagined. Lifestyle changes like those below can help create an appropriate sleep routine:

Eat healthier meals
Avoiding caffeine after 2 pm
Getting up early and exercising
Having only light meals after 7 pm
Cutting back on boozy beverages
Avoiding the computer before bed
Not giving the body recovery time

Life today is very stressful. Perhaps you’re job hunting, juggling work, studies, and family. You’re less likely to get time off to do some workouts during the week. Some amount of stress should motivate you to become more productive. However, multitasking might become counter-productive promoting poor sleep and anxiety.

Doing a lot at once might not give the expected results. Get some gym time to lower the stress level. You should back this up by upgrading your mattress. With this, your sleep quality will significantly improve to enjoy better muscle recovery and rejuvenation. Getting some recovery time will ensure that you wake up energized to take on the day.

Late-night fridge raids

Does your stomach rumble in the evening? A good idea is to just ignore it. Sugary snacks and fatty foods will kick start the digestive system to make catching sleep harder. Additionally, eating immediately before hitting the bed lowers energy levels throughout the next day. This is because it disrupts your body’s circadian rhythm. The trick to improving your sleep quality is to avoid eating before sleep or late night snacks.

Disorganized bedroom

Finally, the arrangement of your bedroom has a significant impact on sleep quality. A room in colors such as orange and red give a bold wakeup call mimicking sunset. Softer colors offer a calming effect. Sleeping in a blue decorated bedroom offers more sleep. Pick artwork, beddings, carpet, blinds, and wall paint in colors like blue, gray, green, and neutral.

Perhaps your bedroom window directly faces adjacent street lights. A black-out curtain is a life saver. Eliminate clutter from your bedroom to calm the brain and opt for a minimal color palette to soothe you to sleep. When setting the thermostat, set the temperature to about 15.5 to 19.4 degrees. This will give you deep sleep throughout the night.

Bottom line

Hope you have now understood the habits you should avoid to enjoy better sleep. Keeping these at mind will ensure that you wake every day more relaxed and ready to take on the world.

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